Pediatric Clinical Duty at Ullevål

On this page you will find practical information regarding the pediatric clinical duty at Ullevål. The folder linked below contains details generated for each semester. Downlowad all files in this folder and read them thoroughly.

Spring 2015

Acute ward duty and patient record

Completing a unique patient record (one per student) is mandatory, and must be delievered to assistant professor Hrefna K. Gudmundsdottir at Ullevål (mailbox in the reception area next to the outpatient clinic. The patient record are to be obtained in the Pediatric Acute Ward.

It is not possible for two students to hand in a record based on the same patient. It is not necessary to get a signature in the yellow signature book for the record, as I communicate directly with the student administration. I will send you an email when I have reviewed your record and it is available for pick up in the "Studenter" mailbox in the corridor of the University section of the Pediatric Department at Ullevål. You may check your status if you log in to with barnemottaket as username and password, click on "disk" and open the only document available (called "Patient record delievered"). You only have to make a new record if explicitly told so.

You sign up using the google calender username "barnemottaket" and password "barnemottaket3", maximum two students per night. You should preferably meet at 15.30-15.45 at the doctors rotation meeting just next to the acute ward.

You may use this patient record template.

When and where to meet when having clinical duty (CW, ISS, NICU or OC)

As a general rule, you shall meet at 8.30 at the meeting rom at the Infection Ward at ground floor for a plenary session held by one of the teachers. There are some exeptions from this, you fill find the details in the "rotation plan" in the folder linked above:

Independent Self Study (ISS)

You have Independent Self Study either at Rikshospitalet or Ullevål. This information regards those of you having ISS at Ullevål only.

Each group of 1-2 students presents a case from their ward/unit of (no more than) 20 minutes the Wednesday the week you have ISS at 8.15. This part is mandatory. In your presentation you should also include general information about the relevant disease. The presentation should be in PowerPoint format, saved on a memory stick. There will be a computer and projector available.

If you have your duty at NICU/PICU, please meet in the meeting room on the first floor (2.etasje) between the NICU and the PICU, at 8.00 AM for the doctors meeting monday and tuesday. Here the hospitalized patients for the last 24 hours will be presented. After this meeting, you follow the doctors to the NICU.

If you have your duty at Medical or Infection Ward, please meet in the meeting room on the third floor (4.etasje) at 8.00 A.M. This is a meeting for the doctors at all wards, the hospitalized patients for the last 24 hours will be presented. You thereafter attend the ward meeting at your assigned ward, it usually starts at 9.00 A.M. (Sometimes earlier!) There is usually an x-ray-meeting in the 1st floor (2.etasje - same room as the NICU doctors meeting) at 8.40. If you have time, you may attend the plenary session in the meeting room at the Infectious Ward at 8.30-9.

Outpatient Clinic Duty (OC-Ullevål)

Again, you usually meet at the meeting room of the Infectious Ward at 8.30 for a plenary session (with the exceptions noted above), before moving to the outpatient clinic at 9.00. There will be a list in the outpatient clinic reception with your student number linked to a doctor. The secretaries will inform you which room to attend.

Health Care Center

See information on the semester page.

Plenary session lectures

Click here for some of the plenary session presentations.

Contact Information

Please contact me if anything is unclear. My office is in the basement at the Pediatric Center at Ullevål, at the University Section. My emailadress is

Hrefna Katrin Gudmundsdottir, M.D., Assistant Professor (Klinisk Stipendiat)