Testing SonarX


Simple test:

The system can be downloaded as a single standalone exe file together with a demonstration file. No installation procedures are required. Simply run the exe file will do. (License key is not needed.)


Test your own data

Send us some of your own recorded data files and we can convert them for you. (email, ftp, cd dvd)

(License key is not needed).


Thorough test:

We can send a complete installation CD with many interesting demonstration files, additional tools, help files, manual, tutorials and articles.

(License key is not needed)


License key

The license key is only needed for conversion of source data from the echo sounder. All tools are available when the file has been converted

We can in some cases provide a demonstration license key. The key will enable you to convert your own data.      



NB! The system does not temper with your Windows system in any way. If you place our files in a separate folder, test the system and then delete that folder, your system will be as it was before the testing.

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