Sonar data files can be sent to us in various ways


1) CD and DVD

Send the files to Dr. Helge Balk, University of Oslo, Department of Physics, PB1048 0316 OSLO, Norway

2) By Email:


3) Web:

Place the files on your homepage and mail us to download them


4) With FTP



From windows, select the Start button (normally lower left corner )

Select run and type FTP. then



User: anonymous

Pw: your email



to upload files ........

cd  incoming

cd balk   

send filename…..



to download files    

cd  outgoing

cd hbalk

get filename…..



use ? to see more ftp commands


5) FTP with windows explorer

Type the following in the explorers address field


Select files, right-click and select what to do with the files.

Give the username and password on request

User: anonymous

Pw: your email

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