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    Dr Henrik Svensen

    senior researcher at Physics of Geological Processes (PGP),

    mail: PGP, Dept. of Physics, PO box 1048 Blindern, 0316 Oslo, Norway     

    email: hensven(at)

    Follow me on Twitter: @henriksvensen


Read my essay about popular science in the Prosa magazine (in Norwegian)

September: My book Bergtatt was awarded the Norwegian Mountain Literature Award! Read more.

My summer series in Morgenbladet is now available on-line.

I will participate in several book festivals and outreach events this Fall, at the Bjørsonfestivalen (31. august), Oslo bokfestival (15. september) and the Arne Næss seminar at Dovre (24. august).

My blog at European Association of Geochemistry: EAG Blog 

May: Popular science article in the Snø & Ski magazine. Read.

22 march: News & Views in Nature: Bubbles from the deep.

29 February: New paper out in EPSL about dating the Karoo Large igneous province.

Interview with me (on popular science and research) in Forskerforum.

Early February: check out the news related to my book Bergtatt. There is a lot of things going on, both related to interviews and reviews.

Review of Bergtatt in Aftenposten, 18.12.11: "Steinbra".

"In High Places"

Information about my book on natural disasters (The End is Nigh) can be found here.

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Other news:

October/November 2011: Fieldwork in the Karoo Basin, South Africa.

(Field work in West Greenland, 2006)

July/August 2010:  Fieldwork in the Siberian Traps, East Siberia.

Photo: Helge Hovland

(Field work in Est Siberia, 2010. Im the guy with the moscito hat.. Photo: Helge Hovland.)

 July 2010:  Review of Charles F. Walker's book "Shaky Colonialism" in a special edition of Reviews in History (about environmental history).

June/July 2010:  Papers published about the climate effects of metamorphism (in the journal Elements), and sediment intrusions into sills (Geosphere). 

April 2010:  Publication of a paper dealing with the PETM global warming and the Northeast Atlantic Volcanic Province. Press release. See comment in Science.

April 2010: Fieldwork on Svalbard.

2010:  Publication of my popular science book in Italy: "Storia dei disastri naturali" by Odoya publisher. January: the book was discussed on Italian TV.

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