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If you want to do well in the grammar course, you have to work with the subject. Read the book, prepare for lectures and seminars, do the exercises in the book (check your answers in the key). Learn to use the terminology correctly. Discuss grammar issues with classmates; practice explaining bits of the grammar to each other. And never forget that grammar is part of our everyday language use. "Grammar is all about how we handle any kind of meaning, on any occasion, in any subject. Whatever the nuance we want to express, we need grammar in order to express it. Whatever the nuance someone else expresses, we need grammar to understand it. There is no other way." (David Crystal, Rediscover Grammar)

Oslo Interactive English  Grammar exercises that can be solved (and auto-corrected) on-line, using a corpus of real English.

Trivial Corpus Pursuit  An on-line corpus and grammar quiz built along the same lines as Oslo Interactive English and using the same corpus.

(Passwords for the corpus searches built into both of these resources are distributed by teachers on the relevant courses. Access for University of Oslo students only.)


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