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Forthcoming (2021) Time adverbials in English and Norwegian news discourse. To appear in Anna Cermáková,Thomas Egan, Hilde Hasselgård & Sylvi Rørvik (eds) Time in Languages. SCL. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

In press Larsson, Tove, Marcus Callies, Hilde Hasselgård, Natalia Judith Laso, Sanne van Vuuren, Isabel Verdaguer & Magali Paquot. Adverb placement in EFL academic writing. Going beyond syntactic transfer. In International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 25:2 (2020), 155–184. https://doi.org/10.1075/ijcl.19131.lar

In press (with Signe O. Ebeling) Intensification in dialogue vs. narrative in a corpus of present-day English fiction. To appear in Ewa Jonsson & Tove Larsson (eds) Voices Past and Present. Studies of involved, speech-related and spoken texts. In hounour of Merja Kytö. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Forthcoming    (with Signe O. Ebeling) The functions of n-grams in bilingual and learner corpora: An integrated contrastive approach. To appear in S. Granger (ed.), Perspectives on the L2 phrasicon: The view from learner corpora. MultilingualMatters.

In press, 2020    Corpus-based contrastive studies: Beginnings, developments and directions. To appear in Languages in Contrast, Vol 20:2.

2020    In the case of theme: Topic identifiers in English and Norwegian academic texts. In Contrastive Pragmatics, Vol 1:1, 108-135. Open-access,online-first publication.

2019    The nature of the essays: The colligational framework ‘the N of the N’ in L1 and L2 novice academic English. In Hanna Parviainen, Mark Kaunisto and Päivi Pahta (eds), Corpus Approaches into World Englishes and Language Contrasts. Helsinki: VARIENG e-series, Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English. Open access.

2019    Phraseological teddy bears: frequent lexical bundles in academic writing by Norwegian learners and native speakers of English. In V. Wiegand and M. Mahlberg (eds), Corpus Linguistics, Context and Culture, 339-362. Berlin: De Gruyter.

2018    (with Signe O. Ebeling) At the interface between Contrastive Analysis and Learner Corpus Research: A parallel contrastive approach. Nordic Journal of English Studies, Vol 17(2), 182-214.

2018   Language contrasts, language learners, and metacognition: Focus on Norwegian advanced learners of English. In Å. Haukås, C. Bjørke and M. Dypedahl (eds), Metacognition in Language Learning and Teaching, 98-120. London and New York: Routledge. Open access here.

2018   Corpora in English language teaching. In H. Bøhn, M. Dypedahl & G.-A. Myklevold (eds). Teaching and Learning English. Oslo: Cappelen Damm Akademisk, 322-342.

2018   Sentence-initial indefinite subjects in English and Norwegian. In S.O. Ebeling and H. Hasselgård (eds), Corpora et Comparatio Linguarum: Textual and Contextual Perspectives, 93-114. Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies, Vol 9(1).

2017   Lexical patterns of PLACE in English and Norwegian. In H. Dirdal and T. Egan (eds), Cross-linguistic Correspondences: From Lexis to Genre, 97-119. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

2017   Stating the obvious: signals of shared knowledge in Norwegian-produced academic English. In Pieter de Haan, Rina de Vries and Sanne van Vuuren (eds), Language, Learners and Levels: Progression and Variation. Louvain: Presses universitaires de Louvain, 23-44.

2017   Temporal expressions in English and Norwegian. In Markéta Janebová, Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski and Michaela Martinková (eds), Contrasting English and other Languages through Corpora. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 75-101.

2017   Adverbial clauses in English and Norwegian fiction and news. In Karin Aijmer & Diana Lewis (eds) Contrastive Analysis of Discourse-pragmatic Aspects of Linguistic Genres [Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics], Springer, 119-139.

2016   The way of the world: The colligational framework “the N1 of the N2” and its Norwegian correspondences. Nordic Journal of English Studies15:3, 55-79.

2016   Conditional clauses in novice academic English: A comparison of Norwegian learners and native speakers. In Elisabeth Wennö, Marie Tåqvist, Peter Wikström, Johan Wijkmark (eds), Fact or Fiction? Studies in honour of Solveig Granath. Special issue of Nordic Journal of English Studies 15 (2), 78-94

2016   Discourse-organizing metadiscourse in novice academic English. In María José López-Couso, Belén Méndez-Naya, Paloma Núñez-Pertejo & Ignacio M. Palacios-Martínez (eds), Corpus linguistics on the move: Exploring and understanding English through corpora. Leiden & Boston: Brill | Rodopi, 106-131.

2015   (with Signe O. Ebeling): Phraseology in learner corpus research. In S. Granger, G. Gilquin, F. Meunier (eds), The Cambridge Handbook of Learner Corpus Research. Cambridge University Press, 207-230.

2015   Coming and going to the future: Future-referring expressions in English and Norwegian. In S.O. Ebeling & H. Hasselgård (eds), Cross-linguistic Perspectives on Verb Constructions, 88-115. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

2015   Lexicogrammatical features of adverbs in advanced learner English. ITL International Journal of Applied Linguistics 166:1(2015), 163-189.

2015   (with Signe O. Ebeling): Learners' and native speakers' use of recurrent word-combinations across disciplines. In Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies (BeLLS) vol. 6, 87-106.

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2014   Additive conjunction across languages: dessuten and its correspondences in English and French. In S.O. Ebeling, A. Grønn, K. R. Hauge & D. Santos (eds), Corpus-based Studies in Contrastive Linguistics, Oslo Studies in Language 6(1). 69–89. (ISSN 1890-9639)

2014   Verbal and nominal expressions in an English-Norwegian translation perspective. In K. Kunz, E. Teich, S. Hansen-Schirra, S. Neumann, P. Daut (eds), Caught in the middle – language use and translation: a festschrift for Erich Steiner on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Saarbrücken: unisaar – Universitätsverlag des Saarlandes, 147-160. [pdf]

2014   Conditional clauses in English and Norwegian. In Hans-Petter Helland & Christine Salvesen (eds), Affaire(s) de grammaire. Mélanges offterts à Marianne Hobæk Haff à l’occasion de ses soixiante-cinq ans. Oslo: Novus, 185-204.

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2013  (with Magali Paquot and Signe Oksefjell Ebeling): Writer/reader visibility in learner writing across genres: A comparison of the French and Norwegian components of the ICLE and VESPA learner corpora. In S. Granger, G. Gilquin & F. Meunier (eds), Twenty Years of Learner Corpus Research: Looking back, Moving ahead. “Corpora and Language in Use”, Presses Universitaires de Louvain, 377-387.

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