Python Scripting for Computational Science

This page contains various information related to the book Python Scripting for Computational Science, by H. P. Langtangen.

Errata List for the 3rd Edition

If you find any errors or typos in the book, or if you have any comments, please do not hesitate to send the author an email (!

Preface and Table of Contents (3rd Edition)

Software Utilities

Slides for teaching

How to solve exercises + documentation recommendations

What is the difference between this "Python Scripting" book and the newer "Primer on Python for Scientific Programming"?

Electronic e-version of the book (PDF)

Some links to old stuff for the 1st and 2nd edition:, scripting-doc.tar.gz, scripting-src.tar.gz (1st edition), scripting-src.tar.gz (2nd edition), SYSDIR-Python.tar.gz, SYSDIR-Perl.tar.gz, SYSDIR-Tcl.tar.gz, SYSDIR-misc.tar.gz, Installation guidelines on Cygwin (Windows). Warning: some of these packages are now old and may be incompatible with newer versions of examples in the book and operating system software.