Katarina Verne Bergholt

She doesn't have her own page yet, and is still to young to make one anyway, so I made her one. Acctually, I just scanned a few pictures....
First, a few from the spring/summer of 1997:

Here's one of Katarina and her Teddy in bed. The Teddy hasn't got a name yet, we don't even know if it is a he-bear or a she-bear!

[Katarina and teddy]

Here is one of Katarina proudly riding her car, a green VW "beetle", gently supported by her mother.

[Katarina and beetle]

Here she's on holiday:

[Katarina in the sun]

Here are a few more recent, from autumn/winter 1998/1999 (with some luck, the dates are stamped on the pic, ISO-format):

She can put on her slippers all by herself!:

[Katarina and slippers]

Here she's trying her fathers shoes:

[Katarina and shoes]

Here she is showing us her cudly Donald Duck that she got for Christmas from Aunt Susan in California:

[Katarina and Donald]

She built this Lego tower all by her self. Really!:

[Katarina and lego]

At kobberhaughytta, enjoying her lunch. Proud father at right:

[Katarina at Kobberhaugen]

Here she's a tigress, ready to kill!:

[Katarina as Tiger]

At Sørumsand train station with "Tertitten" veteran trains, the engine "Prydz" in the background. That was somewhat scary...

[Katarina and engine]

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