This is about Linux, a copylefted Unix-like OS for pc's.
Beginners can take a look here.

I share my office desk with «marlene». She's a pentium 100 MHz, with 32 Mb ram, and ~1200 Mb disk for Linux. She also has a SoundBlaster 16, two old CD-ROM drives, an ATI GX graphics card with a 17" screen, and a 3c590 TP ethernet connection. Not much of a machine these days, but she gets her jobs done.

Want to run Linux at Chemistry Dept? Look up my Installasjon av Linux ved Kjemisk Institutt (Norwegian)

Ever seen Linux mentioned in a main-stream cartoon? Sure, at my LinuxToons page.

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Microsoft bashing: As for Linux-DOOM, see my DOOM page. Also my computer page might perhaps be of interest?
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