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I collected a few Linux-themed comics back in 1999 and a few years thereabout. Looking back, I guess then was when the Linux phenomenon ("open sores") got the attention of the general public.

Then, it all cooled down, and Linux just became a commodity, I guess. Thus page still lingers around, and I've posted a few Linux/Unix oddities here. Some I have found myself, some have been sent me from others. Feel free to tip me about anything you feel fits on this page.

This page appeared on in january 2007.

Dilbert. This is an oldie, looks to me like 1995-06-24. Funny, some Unix-folks I know of fit that description remarkably well.

Dilbert again, 1999-03-29/30. Dogbert saves the day.

Doonesbury, 1999-04-09. Mike's daughter Alex runs a webcam and does a little commercial. "Red Cap" is a pretty obvious twist on Red Hat.

Foxtrot, 1999-08-16. Jason Fox and his friend Marcus seem to have a good grip on Linux.

Robotman, 1999-09-10. Monty has cleaned up Robotman's disks. Luckily, Robotman later seemed to recover his original OS and stop drooling.

According to Dr. Fun (a.k.a. Dave Farley), Windows+Linux is a rather kinky combination...

Doonesbury, 1999-12-14. Not really Linux, but I felt it fitted in here. The story goes on with Mike rejecting Murgatroy's acquisition offer, then being forced out of business when Microsoft releases a competing product for free. («free» as in beer...)

Foxtrot, 2000-02-07. Andy (Jason's Mum) has heard about it, but gotten the details wrong.

Dr. Fun logo featuring Tux the Penguin (the Linux mascot). The gimp and the FreeBSD mascots can be seen lurking behind the iceberg.

Doonesbury, 2001-06-01. Alex has just arrived on her summer camp for geek kids.

Foxtrot, 2002-02-25. Jason is only moderately impressed by MosX.

Nemi, 2002-08-29. A Norwegian entry here. Notice the T-shirt on the geeky lad to the right. Translation:
(Nemi is this Goth-girl, hosting the party, answering the door)
Nemi: Sorry, you can't come in here! Pity.
Cyan, in the back: About time... She has dreamt about this since 6th grade.

Doonesbury, 2002-10-25. Gibberish.
But the day after, we found out that Jenny McTagerty really was Elmont.

Foxtrot, 2003-06-05. I doubt they will make it boot anyway.

Foxtrot again, 2003-08-14. Impressive! I guess Jason has seen this video:

M, 2006-05-13. Another norwegian entry. Mads (or more likely his brother) is giving away computer advice, all of which seems to end up with "install linux".

Dilbert, 2007-01-25. I thought Linus was from Finland? Or is that Eric Raymond?

M again, 2007-12-04. Mads bashing Windows BSOD, and also L'Oreal. The text says "Because you're worth it, Peasant!"

This is actually the beginning of a whole sequence of strips about Windows, Linux and Mac.

Dilbert, 2010-05-16. He can talk unix!

On a completely but not quite unrelated note, here are some cool Unix products:

Unix nappies. (source)

Unix fire extinguisher. Picture by Tormod.

Linux detergent, and "micro&soft" fabric softener. Apparently in some German-speaking country.
I don't remember where I got this, but the pic contains the URL

Linux detergent, obviously the same product as in picture above.
Original picture here. Got this from Charles Banas (
The jolly green hacker is Josh Parrish (

Jeppe Dyrby ( sent me this picture of a Danish Linux fireplace:

Apparently, the product can be found here. That's something to consider for my next investment in fireplaces!

I've had this snapshot lurking in my photo collection for some time:
Solaris glass blocks
"Solaris" Glass Bricks! Apparently, they are from this German Company

I got this from Kjell, 2007-03-27:
Solaris bus
Would you know, the buses in Oslo has started sporting this Solaris ad...

Martin Kurzmann (<>) sent me this picture of an hungarian truck somewhere in Sweden.
Unix lorry
The URL is

I found this can of Ubuntu Cola lurking in a fairtrade shop in Oslo, on my way home from the Go Open conference:
Ubuntu cola
It's got a reference to printed on it. Be fair!

Garry Knight found this Ubuntu fudge thing for sale in a market in London:
Ubuntu fudge
(From Gary's flickr page)

DMR has plenty more of these...

Do you know of other Linux/Unix related material which would fit in here? Please tell me about it, my address is below.

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