Hans Peter Verne

The personal info:

[picture of me]

So this is a jpg of me, showing my banana to the camera....
BTW, the mushy stuff in the backgroud is a glacier (Svellnosbreen in Jotunheimen).
My address:

Room V 152
Institute of Chemistry
University of Oslo
Box 1033 Blindern
0315 Oslo

Telephone (+47) 22 85 54 14 (but see below)
Telephax (+47) 22 85 54 41
Email : Spam protection, download image to read address.

If you want to get in touch with me, email is probably the easiest way, or you could try a talk-request for me at kelvin.uio.no or marlene.uio.no -- look for the tty with least idle-time. (But sorry, marlene doesn't run fingerd anymore.)

Private address:

Gamle Kjelsåsvei 28
0492 Oslo
Tlf: (+47) 22 22 80 97
Cellphone (+47) 95 99 53 86

Currently (since May 2000) I work at Usit, my office phone there is (+47) 22 84 01 16. I still read mail at the adress above.
I'm a Ph.D student at the group for Gass Electron Diffarction (Norwegian page here). Mostly, I'm working with the structures of simple organometallic compounds, such as homoleptic metal alkyls.

If anybody want to offer me a job, here is my CV and list of publications in PostScript format (Norwegian only).

Currently (March/April 2000), I have a temporary position as "studiekonsulent" at Chemistry Dept.
For the spring term 1999 I worked at Oslo College of Engineering. My homepage there is gone, but you can still find the stuff I made for the teaching here (Norwegian).
During the fall 1997 I put quite an effort into running KJ207. On this page (Norwegian) are the texts and assignments I made for the students, and various stuff of interest for C programming and instrumentation.

Otherwise, I have also taught Unix and LaTeX stuff for beginners in KJ007.

As a chemist, I'm of course interested in anything that explodes or make nasty fumes and so on. Here is a picture (snatched from an article in Uniforum) of me demonstrating how dust (lycopodium powder) suspended in air can react rather vigourusly.

You will find some more links to various stuff at the parent page.
Email address: Spam protection, download image to read address.