GED plotting utilities:


Some time ago, I wrote a series of simple plotting programs to visualize the data from Gas Electron Diffraction (GED) experiments.

The programs rdp, intp, and bgp plots the Radial Distribution (RD) curves, Intensity curves and Background curves, respectively, on your Tektronix 4010 device. The programs read the files written by the GED analysis programs KCED16, KCED25, and KCED12.

The original Tektronix monitor is probably all but extinct today, but other terminal programs can emulate Tek graphics, noteably Xterm. For printing, I suggest tek2ps (included below), which converts the Tek graphics codes to PostScript. rdp, intp, and bgp can run tek2ps (or other programs) automatically.

The programs are written in ANSI C, and uses no special drivers or libraries. They are written for Unix systems, but should be possible to use on other plattforms.


The programs rdp, intp, and bgp are released under the GNU General Public License, so you can freely download them, share them with your friends, etc. If you make any modifications, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Tek2ps is written by Michael Fischbein. The prolog file says:

%%Creator: Michael Fischbein
%% Copyright 1987 Michael Fischbein.  Commercial reproduction prohibited;
%% non-profit reproduction and distribution encouraged.

The sources are available here as gzip'ed tar archives:


If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact me, my address is at the bottom of this page.

Note: It's a long time since I wrote this stuff. Had I written it today it would probably have been done differently. I am not likely to bother about changing much in these programs, as they work fine for me...


Here are some examples of the curves displayed on an Xterm. Dotted line is experimental curve, solid line is calculated curve. The molecule in question is Pentamethylarsenic(V), a trigonal bipyramidal structure.
[Organometallics, 17 (1998) 5287.]

RD-curves. As can be seen, rdp can be made to draw "bars" on the location of the interatomic distances, and mark them correctly ("AsC", etc.)
rdp screenshot

Intensity curves, for short and long camera distances.
intp screenshot

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