Star Wars Cantina

by Mark Jonathan Davis.

Here is a cute little tune for all and any Star Wars-fan.
Star_Wars_Cantina.mp3, 2.3 MB.
Below is the lyrics (without sound effects), as picked up by the ears of Řystein,
Tone and me:

Sung to the tune of Barry Manilow's «Copacabana», which you may hear playing just now...

     Star Wars Cantina
     Her name was Leia
     she was a princess
     with a danish on each ear
     and Darth Vader drawing near
     so R2D2 found Ben Kenobi
     he had to put the Death Star plans
     into the rebellion hands
     So Luke and Obi-Wan
     had to get to Alderaan
     so they stopped into Mos Eisley 
     to have a drink with Han
       At the Star Wars -- Star Wars Cantina
       The wierdest creatures you've ever seen 'em
       At the Star Wars -- Star Wars Cantina
       Music and blasters and old Jedi Masters at the Star Wars ---
     His name was Solo
     he was a pilot
     with a blaster at his side
     and a smile 12 parsec wide
     there with Chewbacca
     he was a wookiee
     they met with Luke and Obi-Wan
     about the Millennium Falcon
     docking bay 94
     stormtroopers at the door
     with a flash of Ben's light saber
     now there's an arm on the floor
       At the Star Wars --
     His name was Yoda
     he was a muppet
     Darth Vader was so bad
     and by the way he is Luke's dad
     Luke kissed his sister
     his hand got cut off
     in that galaxy far, far away
     Luke has had a lousy day
     Boba Fett was so mean
     Jabba had bad hygiene
     why didn't they all just relax 
     back on Tattooine?
       At the Star Wars --

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