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Xew (and ew) allows the user to examine the graphics and sounds of a DOOM-like WAD file. The graphics and sounds can be showed on-screen or played, and be exported to file.

Xew is a X/Forms based interface to Tormod's Examine WAD program, ew. Tormod wrote this for DOS, and I initially crufted together a simple curses-based interface that allowed it to compile and be useful on Unixen.

Xew shares the same code base as the dos version, but is extended to use the XForms library for graphics and user input. It runs on ix86-Linux and probably on any little-endian Unix supported by Forms. Xew also has features not found in the DOS or curses-based version.


This is a screen-shot of Xew in action, displaying the contents of the shareware version of the Heretic WAD file.
Xew screen-shot

Using Xew is simple, once it is compiled and set up. Clicking an entry in the «WAD Entries» browser on the left will show the corresponding image (or play the sound effect or Mus entry). Most images are shown in the field to the top right.

Most WAD files contain information about the colours used in the images (the palette), but Xew (and ew) does not use this, unfortunately. The user must select from a set of predefined palettes to display the image correctly. The user can also supply a custom made palette (as a PCX file) if necessary.

As the original ew program, the images can be shown internally, or with an external viewer. Xew can also play sound effects internally as well as externally, but does not have an internal Mus-player. Thus, external program(s) must be invoked to play Mus-entries in the WAD (playing sound does of course depend upon your computer's sound hardware). Which external programs to use is specified in an ini file. For MUS-entries, I use a combination of qmus2mid and xplaymidi (see below).

Distribution policy:

Xew is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License, also known as the «Copyleft».



I wrote this program for my own amusement, and it may or may not be useful to you. Still, if you have questions, complaints, praise, suggestions or bugfixes, I would appreciate it if you told me (email address below). If you have a problem, I can't promise to solve it, but you don't have anything to loose asking.
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