Pediatric Clinical Duty at Ullevål

On this page you will find practical information regarding the pediatric clinical duty at Ullevål. The folder linked below contains details generated for each semester. Downlowad all the files and read them thoroughly.

Autumn 2017

Acute ward duty and patient records

The deadline for final submission of patient records is in week 48, wednesday 29. November 2017!!

Link to Google log in for signing up and checking if patient record is read/approved: Students google acount

Link to a template for patient records: Patient record template.

Case meeting

Two students together present one patient from the acute ward, or the pediatric ward. Afterwards, both students have to hand in the record, marked with "Case meeting" - this because otherwise only one student can write each patients record.

Make a PowerPoint presentation and present the case for your collegues, first the patient (history, clinical findings, lab. tests and diagnosis) and then general information about the relevant disease. 15 min presentation and 5 min discussion.

Send the ppt presentation to your UiO email, for being able to open it at all computers at the hospital. Privat USB sticks are often not accepted.

Check in "My studies" when and where you have case meeting. You must find a patient and prepare the presentation in advance.

Clinical duty

When and where to meet when having clinical duty (CW, NICU or OC).

Find your clinical duty scedule at this overview or at "My studies".

As a general rule, you meet at 8.30 at the meeting room (the last room) at the Infection Ward at ground floor. From 8:30-9:00 there will be a plenary session with useful knowledge or hot topics in pediatrics. Meet on time, in white.

After this session you will be picked up by the doctor you will be following at Pediatric ward or NICU that day, if no other information has been given.

Outpatient Clinic Duty (OC-Ullevål)

As with clinical duty, you meet at the meeting room at the Infectious Ward at 8.30 for a plenary session. Afterwards you go to the outpatient clinic (at 9.00). There will be a list in the OC reception with your name linked to a doctor. The secretaries will tell you what room to attend. Two students follow one doctor, and it is your responsibility to be active.

Contact Information

Please contact us if anything is unclear. Hrefna and Lisa have an office in the basement at the Pediatric Center at Ullevål, at the University Section. Einar and Anine have their office at Rikshospitalet.

Email adresses are,,

Hrefna Katrin Gudmundsdottir, M.D., Assistant Professor (Klinisk Stipendiat), Lisa Bjarkø, M.D., Assistant Professor (Klinisk Stipendiat), Einar Stensvold, M.D. Assistant Professor (Klinisk Stipendiat) and Anine Lie, M.D., Assistant Professor (Klinisk Stipendiat).