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Welcome to the seminarpage for spring 2003

    The algebra and algebraic geometry group

Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo

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Seminar in Non-Commutative Algebraic Geometry, Tuesdays 12.15-14.00, B63, NHA, contact Arnfinn Laudal.

Working Seminar on Connes' Noncommutative Geometry, Thursdays 14.15-16.00, B62, NHA.

Seminar in Elliptic Curves and Cryptography, Fridays 12.15-14.00, B62, NHA (Niels Henrik Abels hus).

Felleskollokviet (Department Colloquium), Fridays 14.00 for 14.30, 7. et. (6. floor), NHA.
New: Article (in Norwegian) by Arnfinn Laudal on Jean-Pierre Serre og den algebraiske geometri: .ps and .pdf
(for the Colloquium 9. May).

Seminar for hovedfags- og doktorgradsstudenter on Intersection theory, Tuesdays 10.15-12, B70, NHA, contact Martin Gulbrandsen.

For courses, see Forelesningskatalogen.

Seminar in Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, Spring 2003

Time: Mondays 14.15
Venue: Seminar rom B62, Niels Henrik Abels hus
Language: Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and/or English; depending on the speaker and the audience
Organiser: Christin Borge (ingerbo[at]

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20. January Planleggingsmøte / planning session
27. January Enrico Carlini (Oslo)
Binary decomposition of polynomials Abstract
3. February Matthieu Romagny (Stockholm)
Compact moduli for curves with level structure Abstract
10. February Arnfinn Laudal (Oslo)
Non-commutative projective geometry? Abstract
17. February Christin Borge (Oslo)
Solving the modular isomorphism problem Abstract
24. February Martin Gulbrandsen (Oslo)
Towards a resolution of singularitites of the punctual Hilbert scheme of a surface Abstract
3. March Kristian Ranestad (Oslo)
Variety of polar simplices Abstract
10. March Håkon Enger (Fysisk institutt, Oslo)
Modulirommet til en konform feltteori for en torus
17. March Jose Carlos Sierra (Oslo)
Projecting smooth varieties from G(1,2n) to G(1,n+1)
24. March Eivind Eriksen (Warwick)
Holonomic modules on some filtered rings and D-modules on quotient singularities Abstract
31. March Arvid Siqveland (Kongsberg)
On The Structure of Non-commutative Regular Local Rings of Dimension Two Abstract
7. April Jan Kleppe (Høgskolen i Oslo)
Parameter spaces of graded Gorenstein algebras with fixed Hilbert function
14. April Easter vacation
21. April Easter vacation
NB! 25. April
Søren Jøndrup (København)
Non-commutative algebraic geometry
5. May Peter Kropholler (Queen Mary, University of London)
Modular invariants of some classical finite groups
12. May Rosa Maria Miro-Roig (Barcelona)
Complete Intersection Liaison and Gorenstein Liaison: New Results and Open Problems. Abstract
19. May Emilia Mezzetti (Trieste)
Varieties with degenerate Gauss image
26. May No seminar
Ian Leary (Southampton) is giving the Department Colloquium 30. May: An introduction to proper actions
2. June
3. June
4. June
The Abel Prize
5.-6. June 'SUP-oppstart'