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Welcome to the seminarpage for autumn 2003

    The Algebra and Algebraic Geometry group

Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo

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Algebra-lunch: Mondays 13.00: Pausearealet, 6. etasje.

Studentseminar, Tuesdays 10.15-12, B62, NHA, contact Martin Gulbrandsen.

Seminar in Elliptic Curves and Cryptography, Fridays 12.15-14.00, B62, NHA (Niels Henrik Abels hus).

Felleskollokviet (Department Colloquium), Fridays 14.00 for 14.30, 7. et. (6. floor), NHA.

List of courses.

Seminar in Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Time: Mondays 14.15
Venue: Seminar rom B62, Niels Henrik Abels hus
Organiser: Christin Borge(ingerbo[at]

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8. September Planleggingsmøte / planning session
15. September Silke Lekaus (Essen)
Unipotent flat bundles and Higgs bundles over compact Kaehler manifolds Abstract
22. September Ignacio de Gregorio (Warwick/Oslo)
An Introduction to Frobenius Manifolds Abstract
29. September No seminar

6. October Alessandra Dragotto (Oslo)
Locally Cohen-Macaulay surfaces in P^4 Abstract
13. October Carla Novelli (Trento)
Connections between the geometry of a projective variety and of an ample section Abstract
Extra (Tue 14. Oct., 10.15, B62) Alessandra Sarti (Mainz)
Polyhedral groups and pencils of K3-surfaces with maximal Picard number Abstract
20. October Steven L. Kleiman (MIT)
Bounding the Tjurina number of a curve Abstract
27. October Andreas Knutsen (Oslo)
On the classification of threefolds through hyperplane sections Abstract
3. November Johannes Kleppe (Oslo)
Polynomials that split additively Abstract
10. November Roy Mikael Skjelnes (KTH, Stockholm)
The good component of the Hilbert scheme Abstract
17. November No seminar

24. November Trygve Johnsen (Bergen)
Grassmann- og Schubertkoder Abstract