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Welcome to the seminarpage for spring 2007

    The Algebra and Algebraic Geometry group

Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo

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Fridays 14.00 for 14.30, pausearealet 7. etasje, Felleskollokviet (Department Colloquium). Contact: Bjørn Jahren.

Seminar in Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Time: Mondays NB! 12.30 (lunch at 12.00, 6. floor)
Venue: Seminar rom B63, Niels Henrik Abels hus
Organiser: Jan Christophersen

NB!     Next seminar:

29. January Kristian Ranestad (Oslo)
En formel for den algebraiske graden i semidefinite programmering
5. February Magnus D. Vigeland (Oslo)
Riemann-Roch i tropisk geometri
12. February Eduardo Esteves (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro/Institut Mittag-Leffler)
Abel maps for singular curves Abstract
19. February No seminar
26. February No seminar
5. March Heidi Camilla Mork (Oslo)
Polarer av reelle singulære plane kurver
12. March Oliver Labs (Saarbrucken)
Surfaces with Solitary Points Abstract
19. March Lars Halvard Halle (KTH, Stockholm)
Galois actions on models of curves and abelian varieties Abstract
26. March
NB! Time: 15.00
Hans-Christian Graf von Bothmer (Hannover)
The Casas-Alvero conjecture for prime powers See arxiv
2. April Easter vacation
9. April Easter vacation
16. April Magnus D. Vigeland (Oslo)
Tropiske linjer på tropiske flater
23. April No seminar
30. April Pål Hermunn Johansen (Trondheim)
Stratifisering av kvadratiske monoider
7. May No seminar
14. May No seminar
21. May Stephanie Yang (Michigan)
Linear systems of plane curves with multiple base points Abstract
NB! Thursday 24. May,
B63, 12.30-13.30 (lunch at 12)
Cheryl Praeger (Univ. of Western Australia, Perth)
Groups, probability, algorithms: computing with `giants' Abstract
NB! Thursday 31. May,
B63, 12.30 (lunch at 12)
George Hitching (Hannover)
Vector bundle extensions and decoding of algebraic-geometric codes Abstract