Ingrid Lossius Falkum

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Pragmatics at the Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN), a Norwegian Centre of Excellence at the University of Oslo. I did my PhD in Linguistics at University College London under the supervision of Robyn Carston.
Most of my work focuses on lexical pragmatics, investigating how word meanings are influenced by the contexts they occur in. I am also interested in how children acquire their pragmatic ability, enabling them to use language as a means to express their own intentions and make inferences about the intentions of others. My PhD (2011) is on the semantics and pragmatics of polysemy, the phenomenon whereby a single linguistic form is associated with two or several related senses. Here I analyse polysemy within the framework of Sperber and Wilson's relevance theory, treating it as a fundamentally communicative phenomenon which arises as a result of encoded lexical concepts being radically underdetermining of speaker-intended concepts, and grounded in our pragmatic inferential ability.

My postdoctoral project, Metonymy in Context and Communication, funded by the Research Council of Norway, builds on this work but focuses on metonymy, and aims to develop a cognitively plausible theory of the processing of this pragmatic device.

Ingrid Lossius Falkum
Ingrid Lossius Falkum
Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature
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