In brief

I obtained a bachelor degree in Genomic Sciences from the UNAM (Universidad Nacional autonoma de Mexico) in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I have a master degree in Systems Biology from the IMaLiS program at the ENS (Ecole normale Superieure) in Paris, France. I obtained a PhD degree at the Aix-Marseille Universite in Marseille, France in 2017. Currenly I am working as a post-doctoral researcher at Anthony Mathelier's lab. My research projects is focused on the characterization of mutations dysregulating miRNA networks and I am also contributing to the next JASPAR motif database release.

Contact Details

Jaime Castro-Mondragon
Computational biology & Gene Regulation group
Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM)
NCMM, P.O. Box 1137 Blindern, 0318
Oslo, Norway
Twitter: @jaimicore
Publons: 1499198
ORCID: 0000-0003-4069-357X


PhD in Bioinformatics

2014 - 2017 France

Aix-Marseille Universite, France.
Supervisor: Jacques van Helden.
(1) Development tools to cluster, align and reduce redundance of Transcription Factors Binding Motifs.
(2) Development of a tool to detect positionally enriched/depleted motifs.
Title: Development of bioinformatics methods for the analysis of large collections of transcription factor binding motifs: positional motif enrichment and motif clustering.

Master degree in Systems Biology

2014 France

École Normale Supérieure Paris, France. Courses taken included: Bioinformatics, Genomics, Logical Modelling, Microscopy, Evolution, Molecular Biology.
Master thesis at Aix-Marseille Université TAGC in the TAGC Laboratory in Marseille, France.
Supervisor: Jacques van Helden.
Title: matrix-clustering: a novel tool to cluster and align Transcription Factor binding motifs.

Bachelor in Genomic Sciences

2009 - 2013Mexico

I did a research project at the Computational Genomics Lab, Centro de Ciencias Genómicas, UNAM, Cuernavaca, Mexico.
Supervisors : Julio Collado-Vides & Alejandra Medina-Rivera.
"Prediction of novel regulons based on several properties of the regulatory network." Based in that most knowns TFs in E. coli K12 are autorregulated, we searched the motifs for the unknown TFs. (Ongoing project).



My projects are focused on Bioinformatics of Transcriptional regulation (as user and developer), mainly in algorithms to discover Transcription Factor Binding Motifs and to predict Transcription Factor Binding Sites and in the miRNa transcriptional regulation. Currently I'm an active developer of RSAT which is a collections of tools to analize Cis-Regulatory sequences and I am also involved in the JASPAR databse, as curator and processing data for the next release.

Current Projects

  1. I am an active developer of the Regulatory Sequences Analysis Tools RSAT that is a modular software suite for the analysis of cis-regulatory elements in genome sequences (ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq).


    We are working in a new release of RSAT with new programs.

  2. I am processing the data for the next JASPAR release. I am discovering the motifs in the chIP-seq peaks and also participating in the curation processes for the new motifs that will be incorporated in the next release.


  3. RSAT matrix-clustering: a tool to cluster, align and create non-redundant collections of Transcription Facotr Binding Motifs.


    This tool can merge different files containing (i.e. motifs dicovered with different tools) and manually or automatically reduce the redundancy.

    I recently extended the algorithm to generate radial (circular) tress including link to databases, some examples can be found on JASPAR website.

    The matrix-clustering paper can be found on this link.


Research articles and book chapters

* = equal contributions (first-author)
^ = equal contributions (second-author)
# = co-corresponding authors
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