Jan Bill (born 1961 in Denmark)

Professor, curator for the Viking Ship Collection

Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo



2007-                            Professor, Museum of Cultural History, Oslo

2003-2007                   Senior researcher, head curator, The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

1997-2003                   Researcher/senior researcher, research coordinator, Centre for Maritime Archaeology, National Museum of Denmark

1997                             Ph.D.-degree in archaeology from University of Copenhagen

1993-1997                   Ph.D.-student, Centre for Maritime Archaeology, National Museum of Denmark

1993                             Cand.phil.-degree in archaeology from University of Copenhagen

1987-1993                   Student, Institute of prehistoric and classical archaeology, University of Copenhagen


Research projects (list still under construction)

Gokstad revitalised

With funding from Anders Jahres Humanitære Stiftelse a pilot project is carried out in 2009-2010 to develop a research plan and proposal for a reexamination of the Gokstad find and site. When the Gokstad ship grave was excavated in 1880, the main focus was on the very well preserved ship. The excavation of the Oseberg ship grave with its vast amounts of organic finds in 1904 put further Gokstad research on a hold, and little has been done to pursue other aspects of this grave. Through GIS-supported analyses survey and Lidar scanning of the surrounding landscape the project will seek to locate adjacent settlement, burial and activity areas, and through renewed analyses of the grave inventory – including biochemical, paleozoological, pathological and other analyses – the relation between the grave and the landscape is investigated. The project will include a research seminar on Early Medieval Monumental Graves to be held in Sandefjord November 2009 with about 20 participants from six different countries. It is planned to publish the proceedings of the seminar.


From Nordic to North European. Coastal seafaring and changes in Danish shipbuilding AD 900-1600

On the basis of analyses of changes in ship construction techniques applied in South Scandinavian and North European shipbuilding this project discusses the changing organisation of Danish shipbuilding and seafaring in relation to the medieval urbanisation process. It is argued that the socioeconomic dynamics behind the urbanisation also are reflected in shipbuilding, and that seafaring during the medieval period increasingly moves from the domaine of estates and land owners to that of towns. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde, and is expected to produce a monography in the series Ships and Boats of the North from the Viking Ship Museum.


DendroCT is a research project, supported by the Nordic Culture Fond, which aims at developing methods for non-destructive dendrochronological dating of archaeological objects by means of CT-scanning. Read more at DendroCT.htm

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