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Professor Jan Fagerberg's webpage at the University of Oslo

The University of Oslo has decided to discontinue its support for webpages through this channel (folk.uio.no). As of June 2013 this page will therefore not be updated.

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I am interested in innovation, its impact on the economy and related policy matters, and have published extensively on these and other topics in books and journals.

On  http://www.janfagerberg.org/ you can read more about my background, research and publications. You can also download many of my papers, see presentations, and watch videos.

I share my time between the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK) at the University of Oslo, the Department of Business and Management at Aalborg University and the Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (CIRCLE) at the University of Lund.

Selected books

Innovation, Path Dependency and Policy: The Norwegian case 
Oxford University Press 2009
(with David Mowery and Bart Verspagen)

The Oxford Handbook of Innovation
Oxford University Press 2004 (Pb 2005) (with David Mowery and Richard Nelson) 

Technology, Growth and Competitiveness: Selected Essays Edward Elgar 2002
Read comments by Bart Los, Angus Maddison and Christopher Freeman!
Download Introduction and List of Content

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