This is Jan Tore`s own personal homepage. I`m not in at the moment but if you just sit around for a few second a camera will take a picture of you. The picture will be send to the proper authorities with a paper enclosed saying that you are a sick pervert posting child pornography on the Internet. You will then be hunted down by police dogs, the police officers will break both your arms and cut out your eyebowls with razorblades. If you don`t die because of the loss of blood you will be send out into the woods where you will meet a strange looking old man with a pair of giant scissors. You will probably die a terrible death and noone will miss you. Not even your mother, who will rent out your room the day before your funeral. Anyway - what`s left of you will be gathered and sold as birdfood.
Say cheeze!!!!

Og så for alle norske leser - et lite enkelt dikt.
OK. Det holder, vel. Nå over til den virkelige hjemmesiden!, my real homepage