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My master thesis work surrounded Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of viscous, turbulent
flow applying Large Eddy Simulation (LES) together with the Navier Stokes equations.

Current development is done through the Oasis project, an open source, high level Navier Stokes solver in Python
applying Finite Elements through FEniCS. The package is developed by my supervisor and associate professor
Mikael Mortensen, and Kristian Valen Sendstad. As of now the LES models included are:

- The Smagorinsky model
- The WALE model
- The One Equation Kinetic SGS-energy model
- The Dynamic Smagorinsky Model applying Lagrangian Averaging
- The Scale Dependent Dynamic Smagorinsky model applying Lagrangian Averaging
- The Static and Dynamic Sigma models by Toda et al.

Results may be found in my master's thesis, available here. I also got an article published during the work with my master's degree:

      Bø, Joakim; Bergersen, Aslak Wigdahl; Valen-Sendstad, Kristian & Mortensen, Mikael (2015).
      Implementation, verification and validation of large eddy simulation models in Oasis
      In Bjørn Helge Skallerud & Helge Ingolf Andersson (ed.),
      Proceedings of MekIT'15 Eighth National Conference on Computational Mechanics.
      International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE). ISBN 97884944244-96. Kapittel 7. s. 99 - 122

Previous courses:
MEK4470 - Computational Fluid Mechanics
INF5650 - Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations II
MEK4300 - Viscous Flow and Turbulence
MEK4100 - Mathematical Methods in Mechanics
MEK4450 - Offshore Technology
INF5620 - Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations I
MAT1100 - Calculus
MAT-INF1100 - Modelling and Computations
INF1100 - Introduction to Programming With Scientific Applications (Python)
FYS-MEK1110 - Mechanics
INF1010 - Object Oriented Programming (Java)
MAT1110 - Calculus and Linear Algebra
MAT1120 - Linear Algebra
MEK2500 - Solid Mechanics
MEK1100 - Field Theory / Vector Calculus
MEK3230 - Fluid Mechanics
INF-MAT2351 - Numerical Calculations
MAT2440 - Differential Equations and Optimal Control Theory
MAT2410 - Complex Analysis
MEK3500 - Construction Mechanics
MEK3220 - Continuum Mechanics
STK1100 - Probability and Statistical Modelling
INF-MAT3360 - Partial Differential Equations
EXPHIL03 - Examen Philosophicum