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Welcome to the BMW R1200GS Adventure page.

The bike is brand new (June 2006), so I don't have very much for you here yet. I am planning to put tripreports, pictures, links (have a look at the bottom of the page) and Garmin GPS routes here. All pictures by Joakim Magnus Taraldsen unless otherwise stated, all rights reserved.


Just returned from Bike (magazine) Mountain Adventure!
We stayed for two nights at Bergsjøstølen near Ål in Hallingdal. This is a gravel road mekka in the mountains. The first day we did some practical training coached by Paris Dakar contender and gravel guru Pål Anders Ullevålseter. After dinner the same night he gave a presentation telling us about his Paris Dakar rally experiences. Day 2 we were off for a great round trip on the gravel roads in the nearby mountains, conditions varying from smooth gravel roads to bumpy narrow tractor trails. I had a really great time and I hope to be able to participate next year also.

A Garmin MapSource tracklog showing the trip on day 2 is available here.

Photo by Christian Behrens.

Touratech GPS mount for the Garmin arrives!
Not being able to get a male plug for the funny looking BMW power connector I decided to cut off the plug and connect a waterproof male/female connector I had laying around. Soldering the short wires in the tight space was a bitch, but eventually worked out OK. For the GPS end I cut and used my Garmin car power cord.

Acrapovic slip-on arrives!
Oh, what a beauty she is! Oh, what lovely noise she makes!

Homemade windscreen extender.
After having raised the handlebars 3,5cm I had to put the windscreen in the highest posision for it to clear the handlebars at full stop. This caused some buffeting. If I lowered my head a couple of inches the buffeting disappeared so I figured I'd make a windscreen extender. Bought some 3mm plexiglass, cut it to fit, heated it and bent it into shape. Fastened it using two 4mm bolts, nuts, washers and rubber o-rings.


"BMW R1200GS Adventure meets Mr. Mud in the forest" or "Shit! It is slippery and the ABS has kicked in big time :("

Went on another forest ride with my buddy Oddbjørn today. He picked up a loaner Buell Ulysses at the local HD dealer for the day. We took a small dirt road up to a nice lake and had a rest and took some pictures of the bikes. After a while we went down the road again, I did some inspired riding standing on the pegs and having loads of fun until trying to slow down for a right hand turn. What the fuck! Is it that slippery here? It felt as if I had no brakes at all! Major panic for a couple of seconds... I can affirm the following to be true: You end up where you are looking. I had a look at the mud, the rocks and some logs by the roadside and I ended up right there :(

Lessons learned: Shut off ABS in the forest and don't go that fast.

Damages: My pride, scratched valve cover protector, bent upper windscreen bracket, broken lower windscreen fastener. I guess I was pretty lucky after all.

Photo by Oddbjørn Mikkelborg.

Photo by OM.

Photo by OM.

Photo by OM.


Have ridden the bike about 2500 kilometers now, very happy with the bike and the Continental TKC80 enduro tyres. Tyres being much better than expected, better grip and less noise on tarmac than I have experienced with other enduro tyres. Very good for gravel roads, but slippery on mud. Keeping a keen eye on the engine oil level these days, engine burning about 0,2L oil every 1000Km. Looking forward to it sealing up better.

Instrument panel fell off while driving on a bumpy forest trail yesterday. The guys at the factory seem to have forgotten to put on the three retaining clips on the metal pins. Temporary fix: slipped on some small rubber o-rings while waiting for the clips to arrive.

Wunderlich adjustable gear lever and "Schutz für den drosselklappensensor" mounted on the bike. I was kicking the sensor plug with my big mx boots all the time, it was in need of some protection. What to do when riding in the rain with non water-proof mx boots? I ordered some SealSkinz socks with waterproof and breathable membrane. I will post my experiences with them after having used them in the wet.

Arghhh! Delivery of Touratech GPS mount delayed for another four weeks, shit :(

The end of the road.

The coolest kid on the block..

Hm, his bike is taller than mine.


Another nice trip, this time with my friend Oddbjørn with his HD Sportster. It turns out the HD has off road capabilities also(!)

The road is the destination.


Wunderlich bar raisers (3,5cm) and Variolevers mounted on the bike (great stuff, recommended!). Waiting for the Touratech GPS mount for my new Garmin GPS. Acrapovic slip-on also on order. Had a great three hour gravel trip today in the area north of Harestua in Nittedal (North of Oslo). Sheep and cows all over the road, hence a leisurely pace. Having a break and waved to the forest warden driving by, fortunately he didn't stop his truck to ask what I was doing on the closed road :)

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