Welcome - to *yet* another personal home page on the Web. It`s nothing grand, it`s nothing fancy - but it`s mine. (although with a little help from my friends - most notably my boyfriend and the wannabe spiders HTML helper - BBEdit)

As of October 1998 this page is STILL undergoing massive reconstruction (close to deconstruction, I`d say) will not be looking fancy for a good while yet. But hey, look at the bright side - no MIDIs ;-)

Some background info about me.

Some more personal info about me.

My digitized photo album.

The new and improved Wunderkindchen (Joakim) page

The Wunderbike page - about my life as a VFR owner

A page with random musings about pregnancy, parenthood and the shortcomings of the public transportation system.

The story of our - Magnus` and mine - motorcycle trip to Scotland and the Orkneys in the summer of 1996

Some of my favourite recipes

My Netscape Bookmarks

This is a page with mc-maps and suggested bike rides in Norway, that my boyfriend and I are making.

last update June 14th, 2001:
Updated the Photo Album. Major revamping of the photo album, now with frame and anchors - it was getting way too big and unwieldy. Also added two new pictures of Joakim (and for good measure, a couple of myself as well!).

TOO COOL! I am a WINNER! Yeay! Having faith- and funfully amused myself at the DuJour dot Com site every jour for quite a while ... I won their trivia contest Dec 22nd, 1997. For those of you who did not know this, it is an Official Trivia Snippet that the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree in London is Norwegian. Norway has in fact donated a Christmas tree every year since 1947. And to top it off, this year`s tree was taken from Nydalen in Oslo, just outside my office. No wonder I won, *grin*

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