My name is (Eva) Karine Bøstrup and I was born in 1965. I grew up in the suburbs just west of Oslo, moved away at 19 and spent some quite nomadic years before settling down in Oslo.

When I left home, I moved to Molde, on the north-west coast, to go to school. I went to MRDH Molde (Møre og Romsdal Distriktshøyskole, Molde - a regional college) where I studied political science. Greatly inspired by the subject but not the surroundings, I went back to continue my studies at the University of Oslo. After studying Spanish there, I moved to Bergen (Norways 2nd city and the "Capital" of the west coast) and studied sociology at the university there before coming back to Oslo again to finish my bachelor`s degree (uhm, make that a Spinster's Degree!)

I went on to graduate school in political sciences but ended up as a drop-out,tsk tsk tsk. That is, I finished all the compulsory classes and even wrote two chapters of my thesis but then life, and eventually love, got in the way. Oh well. One day I will sit myself down and finish my thesis but in the meantime there are plenty of other things to do.

Besides my studies I have worked nearly all my adult life. My first job was at age 12, delivering the local newspaper and I have had a number of both jobs and job-ettes since then. Let`s just say I am choosing my career by the process of elimination! I have worked as a truck driver for the Norwegian Mail, I have sold sweets in a movie theatre, I have punched data for the Norwegian Consumer Society, I have worked as a nude model (modelling for art students, NO, it was not kinky, it was merely freezing cold and quite boring) and for nearly three years I was a ticket clerk with the Norwegian State Railways. Now that was a shitty job if I ever saw one, underpaid and highly stressed, customers yelling in your face all the time and thousands of clueless tourists in the summer season. I swore to myself I would never, *ever*, work as a service person again!
I was only too happy to leave the ticket booth behind and go work as an assistant editor/staff writer/researcher for a tv production company, a job I held until the end of December 1997. Actually I was a "Trivia Professional", as my job was helping make the Norwegian version of the popular US game show, Jeopardy! (WARNING: clicking this link starts up Java applets so make sure your browser supports Java)

From January 1998 I worked as a Manpower temp. I mostly worked as a proofreader, proofreading various magazines. I will work as a temp until the end of November 1998, when I start my new job (hooray!) as a secretary with the city councils Translation and Interpretation Service. Although the title is secretary, the job is basically a proofreading one.