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Since I was newly impregnated (May 1996) and to this date (October 1999) I have been on a mailing list for women expecting their babies in December 1996.

I have saved some of the old mails I wrote and have HTMLized some (quite a few, actually) of them. Some are long, some are short, some are boastful and others are whiny. All of them are left unedited so you get them typos and all. They show little pieces of our daily life in Oslo, from the birth announcement to February, 1999.

And I know perfectly well they are not likely to be of much interest to anyone but me, but what the heck. It is my webpage and I can write what I want!

So-o-o-, if you have no life of your own and are out surfing the Net - here are some pieces of my life. Enjoy ;-)

31.12.96: Birth announcement
19.08.97: Joakim learns to stand
26.08.97: Using babies for household chores
27.08.97: 8 month checkup
05.11.97: Long update on Joakim and me
03.12.97: Joakim walks!
22.01.98: 1 year checkup
25.01.98: Vomityville horror (The stomach flu hit. Badly)
27.02.98: How not to boil nipples
20.04.98: 15 month checkup
08.07.98: Joakim plays soccer
26.08.98: Life at 20 months
03.11.98: I temp at Joakims daycare centre
28.12.98: 2 years old, the birthday story
13.01.99: Some of my hopes, dreams and wishes for Joakim
10.02.99: 2 year checkup
11.02.99: Magnus is the best man I know

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