Our son Joakim...

... has grown quite a lot since I wrote the first page about him - in August 1997! (the old Joakim page is alive and residing here) Currently (May 1998) Joakim is just over 16 months old and a happy toddler busy exploring the world. It is hard to believe all the changes he has gone through since he arrived home a mewling infant.

Perhaps the most impressive, he has become quite an accomplished vertical biped (aka walker). He took his first steps in November last year and has been improving steadily ever since. He now walks, runs, dances, hops and skips and climbs anything in sight. Not to mention - he is a football (soccer) player! Not quite pro material yet but just wait, just wait .... in the meantime he regularly suffers rejection from the big kids in the park who wont let him play with them.

He has such an obvious delight in himself, his body and using it, it is a joy to see. Sometimes for a treat I take down the bathroom mirror and he sits and looks at himself with a huge smile, flirts with himself and is totally happy with what he sees. I hope he will keep on being this happy with himself for ever!

Another thing that gives Joakim great pleasure and much fun these days is *anything* with wheels on it (failing the complete set even just a wheel will do). Magnus brought him back a yellow VW Beetle from San Francisco and for a loong, loong time it was his Most Favoured Toy. He also has two toy Honda motorcycles, one green and one red. The red one is his Most Favoured Toy of the moment - he drives his Honda everywhere (making the appropriate noises) and even takes it to bed with him. Magnus and I have been brainwashing him about motorcycles, of course ;-) He always points out the bikes whenever we go out and is very fascinated with our helmets and leathers (as long as we dont actually *wear* them - the sight of me in a helmet freaks him out completely). The other day he got to sit on Magnus VTR as he pushed it out of the yard and the Wunderkindchen was in heaven. He will be a biker yet...!

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