So what with the lunchbox, hm ?

Well, you see, Joakim started daycare back in November. And when you go to daycare, you pack lunch and bring with you! He has his own lunchbox and takes yoghurt, fruit and sandwiches with him. On a good day he eats everything - and I usually make him four sandwiches!! The kid eats more than I do ...

Starting daycare was a REAL biggie for the whole family. The first week or so was like a honeymoon. He was overjoyed with all the new toys, all the new kids, all the action ... when Magnus or I brought him in the morning he would take off before he got his slippers on. Then came the hard part - he realized it was not just a fun place to visit - he was going to go there *every* day. And his parents would leave him!!! For a couple of weeks he cried every day as I left him in the morning. I tried not to cry until I was safely out the door ;-)

But eventually he settled in. He enjoys daycare a lot as far as we can tell. It is a place where he gets to do all sorts of fun stuff like run and climb and play outside (that would be hard for me to provide alone). He also gets to interact with other children. Now, I have read some about developmental psychology and it usually says kids dont play with each other until they are older than Joakim is now - according to theory the kids play alongside, not *with*, eachother. I dont completely agree with that. I see the kids, even the very young ones, hold hands and run around together. They also openly seek contact (at least Joakim does) and are very much aware of each other. At daycare Joakim even had a best buddy - a little girl called Benedicte. Each morning she would come up to us and go "HIIIIIII" and wait for Joakim to come run with her.

The past tense in the last paragraph is because we have just switched daycare providers - finally we got lucky and got a place in a local daycare center (the old one was half an hours drive away, now it is a ten minute walk). He only started three days ago but so far it doesnt seem the change has scarred him for life ...

But he does seem rather a robust kid. As he grows older the "Joakim-ness" in him shows more and more. And, biased as I am, I like what I see! He is adventurous and outgoing and imitates all the fun things he sees older kids doing. He is happy most of the time and if he is grumpy it is usually because he is hungry and tired (We have been getting the odd tantrum though - cant wait till he starts acting up in the supermarket ...). And best of all - he has a sense of humour! He is still very much into slapstick humour but is getting more sophisticated. He likes to play practical jokes on us and we play along and get veeeery scared whenever he jumps out from behind a door and goes BOOOO ;-)

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