Our son Joakim...

changes way faster than his mom updates Web pages ;-)

(The older Joakim pages are still alive though - there are four of them:
The Baby Joakim page,
The May 1998 Wunderkindchen Page
The September 1998 Wunderkindchen Page
and The Lunchbox Page.)

It is early June, 1999, and Joakim is now two and a half years old. He has grown to about 90 centimetres, weighs almost 16 kilos and is, as he likes to remind us, "a big boy!"

He has learned to do many new things since the last update. He can climb almost anywhere (this includes climbing out of his crib, unfortunately) , he can open the fridge and go hunting for goodies, he can open the juice carton (but not pour properly. Ack. His clean-up skills are improving though) and he has learned how to ride his trike! Since becoming a biker his sense of adventure has grown. In the weekends he wakes up bright and happy in the wee hours of the morning - opens his eyes - and says "OUT!" And out we go, him on the trike and me jogging behind. (I now weigh 6 kilos less than before becoming pregnant and I have not been in this good shape for years. So there is something good to be said for having a toddler around the house.) We go sightseeing around the neighbourhood, looking for birds, ants, grass, garbagemen, big dogs and firetrucks - to mention but a few of the wonders the city can hold for a two-and-a-half-year-old wanting to figure out the world.

On May 17th (the National Day) we went downtown and looked at the children getting ready to walk in the big parade. May 17th in Oslo is celebrated by all the grade school kids marching up the main street to the castle, where the poor king and queen is stuck all day having to wave and smile. There are also about a gazillion marching bands involved, and the bands in particular caught Joakims attention. He loved the drums (and the "trumpets" - a trumpet being any instrument that is not a drum or a piano), the music, the flags... and the ice cream, of course. (May 17th also being the one day of the year where most kids get to eat as much ice cream as they can possibly hold and then some.)

But parenting a two-year old has its downsides as well. He is incredibly stubborn (and of course neither Magnus nor I can understand where he gets it from, hee hee) and there have been quite a few tantrums in the house these past few months. This winter Magnus and I decided to lay down the Law and stop carrying him up the stairs all the time. The first day that New Rule was enforced, he lay on the ground outside the building, screaming "Carry me! Carry me!" for FIFTY minutes before caving in. But he did give in - eventually. Obviously one needs a UPF (United Parental Front) for such occasions. As long as we keep a united front, agree on the Rules and stick to them Joakim usually gives in after a short while. Not that it stops him from trying...

His speaking skills are growing at an impressive rate (even if the pronounciation skills are laggin somewhat behind) and it is sich a kick to be able to finally hold real conversations with him. His imagination is developing along with the vocabulary and we can play some pretty advanced pretend games. Language also comes with its own embarrassing moments... He knows he is expected to hold hands or sit in the stroller when crossing the street. If not, I carry him (and not very comfortably). As I was carrying him under my arm, potato-sack-like, he was yelling "Heeelp! Heeeelp!", very dramatically. Not to mention when he informs a busful of people that "Mom has got a booger in her nose".

But generally he is a very pleasant kid to be with, if I may say so in my usual most objective non-biased manner ;-) He is getting the hang of manners, table- and otherwise. He knows to say "thank you" and "here you are" and we arte working on the "please". He eats nicely with a spoon and a fork, has started practicing with a knife and hardly ever spills from his glass anymore. But it is still a mystery to me why he wants to eat soup with his fingers and pizza with a fork...

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