Hi moms!

this week i get to be a spy! *grin* what that means is i get to work in joakims daycare. they were short of a person (the teacher is on sick leave for another week, the temporary replacement had an exam) and asked if i could step in for a week.

so! i get to see what daycare life is all about. lesson no 1: it's *hard* work being a daycare worker. my back is shot and i am so worn out! my respect for daycare workers is growing by the minute.

joakim has some "sticker tendencies", ie, he follows me around at a foots distance and shouts "MY MOM" every three minutes. but he isn't getting total breakdowns whenever i hold some of the other kidlets, which is a relief!

the little ones i took for complete angels turned out to be well disguised devils. one throws tantrums out of this world, another one claws like a velociraptor (?) and yet another one is used to getting her way with screaming. oh my. what to do with three screaming, red-in-the-face toddlers when one has but two arms?

my lap will hold up to four kids in a pinch but i can only lift one at a time.

i am impressed by their table manners. *note: must work harder on that at home*

most of them will, LUCKILY, have the first poopy diaper of the day at home, and the staff all pray that's it for the day ;-)

i have sung songs today so much i doubt i will be able to take "baa baa blacksheep" anymore.

the more they talk, the funnier they are (just personal prejudice). the kids in the bigger rooms swarm around me when we are out and ask who i am, whose mom i am, why am i here, do i live at the daycare, why don't my mom come pick me up?

legos can be incredibly noisy toys.

it's easier to wipe poopy boy butts than girls'.

another plus to this is i am getting way ahead with my "work days". at joakims daycare, each parent has to put in two "work days" per year. this is usually done like a "barnraising", ie, all parents get together for one day, socialize, bring kids, get lots of stuff done. incl this week i have now done seven workdays - that's three and a half years worth!

greetings from a very tired karine in oslo, thankful some of the kids still weigh less than ten kilos

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