Hi moms!

*phew* Finally! I am still alive (if not exactly kicking) and things are going well here in Oslo. A short (well, longish) update on all of us follows...


* went for his 10 month checkup yesterday. He was pronounced a perfect baby (if not declared a genius, surely an oversight from the pediatric nurse). He now weighs 10,4 kilos (just over 23 pounds) and is 74 cms long (29 inches something).

* talks all day long, unfortunately it is in some obscure serbocroat dialect. babblebabblebabble yakyakyak and so on.

* stands upright all by himself (supported only by a piece of bread in his hand), cruises furniture and races around the house pushing chairs. All attempts at unassisted walking so far has ended with him falling flat on his face though.

* looves cats. Last Sunday we went to see a friend of mine whose cat was kind enought just to lie there and be petted. Joakim was out of his mind with delight and squeals whenever there is a cat food ad on the telly.

* is learning new things every day. He now is into studying doors (they close! they open! there is another room behind it!) and examining things with knobs / buttons / dials etc on them. In this he takes after his father (Magnus cant see a gadget with buttons on it without buying it - hence our staggering collection of remote controls). Must be a guy thing!

* is kind enough to sleep consistently thru the night - he goes to bed around seven and sleeps eleven to twelve hours. He even began doing so all by himself, o sweet babe of mine :)

* eats most things in sight (as long as its not liver pate, hard cheese or mango). He has cereal for breakfast and evening meal, has a bottle first thing in the morning and last at night and finger foods inbetween. I have to admit he gets those MOST convenient Nestle glasses quite ofte though. Bad mom eh??

* has started daycare!!!! Two weeks before the end of our leave we found a good daycare for him. Getting him started was surprisingly smooth and easy - even the daycare workers have been very impressed with him. He is the youngest kid there but there are two girls who are just a year old and they are pretty much the same size as him. There are 10 kids all togheteher but with 3 1/2 adults he still gets lots of care and attention. "His" main person, Jenny, is a sweetie and to my relief Joakim smiles and laughs when he sees her in the mornings. He has joined the daycare routine without any problems at all but is rather exhausted when we pick him up. I guess all the action and all the other kids are taking its toll. Its such a funny feeling to make him a lunch box in the mornings (he eats sandwiches, yoghurt and fruit at daycare). One moment he was breastfeeding and the next he takes a packed lunch to work - EEEEEEK!! He gets to be outside every day and looks a professional daycare kid already in his new suit, hat, mittens and real leather boots. Not to mention he comes home covered in sand and mud - man, I wish our bathroom was by the entrance door instead of all the way to the back of the apartment - he leaves a trail of sand thru the house.

* has learned some nifty tricks all by himself: he can click his tongue, clap his hands AND climb stairs! (the last no small feat considering we live in an apartment and he doesnt get much practice).


* has had one hell of an autumn. The work situation has been both hard and chaotic. Despite all good intents its not always easy to come back after being on maternity leave, nor is it always easy to work part time. On top of everything, my business is very competitive (tv) and ratings have been going down and the future looks uncertain. To make a long story very short, I am leaving. I gave my notice and will leave by the end of the year if I dont get anything sooner (so far I have only gotten "no"s on my job applications though, bwaaaah).

* work being what it has been my social life has suffered! What little time and energy I had over went to Joakim and Magnus - not my friends, my cybersisters or my family. I hope it will get better now that I (hopefully) will have more time!

* the work issue has really bummed me out - I loved my job and now there has been days when I have been actively dreading going to work. Ah well - chalk up yet another autumn depression ;-)

BUT! I am back! *smile*

... if you are still reading, *grin*, thanks for having the patience to follow me this far :):)

Love, Karine in Oslo

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