Hi moms!

joakim is another soccer player. he began walking at 11 months and started running (real running) around easter. he also "gallops" and tries very hard to jump but only veeery occasionally gets off the ground.

the soccer part is the best though. he loves playing football! he wakes up in the morning, rattles his crib and goes BALLBALLBALLBALLBALLBALL until i put him on the floor - then he starts kicking. he can run and kick at the same time (doesnt always hit the ball though) but lately, he positions the ball on the ground with his hands, takes a few steps back and then, WHAM, kicks off. must have been watching one penalty too many during the soccer world cup ;-)

he is quite well developed physically (motorically?) but tends to take bigger chances than he should. he likes to bounce in the sofa and lately has been sitting straddling the "arms" (armrests? end pieces?) of it. the other day he stood up at one end of the sofa, raced across it (only a two-seater so he didnt get to gather too much speed!) and then, literally, flung himself over the other end and landed face down on the floor. banzai!!! he was howling, of course. and me, bad mom that i am (bad mom! bad, bad mom!) couldnt keep from laughing, even as i comforted him. oh, how i wish we had that flying episode on video, it had to be seen to be believed...

karine the wicked in oslo

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