Hi moms!

we finally got around to the 2 year checkup (at 26 months...). joakims official numbers are: height: 87 cms = 34,25 inches = more or less 25th percentile weight: 14,3 kilos = 32 pounds = more or less 75th percentile

soo ... we have ourselves a short chubby one, *smile*. the height surprised me a bit since both magnus and i are above average tall but it doesnt really matter - i look at him and he *looks* reasonably well-proportioned. but at the rate i am sprouting bicepses its obvious he is heavy, hee hee.

we saw a doctor (as well as the ped nurse) to check out motor skills, ears, sight etc. joakim refused to let the doctor anywhere near his ears but going by his vocabulary (and ability to distinguish buses from trams from cars passing by on the street outside our flat) we ruled out hearing problems. his sight is fine (actually he sees better than me, but then, i need new glasses) and his motor skills ditto, both gross and fine (he ended up "stealing" a football from the doctors office).

the ped nurse went thru the usual routine of asking how he was, any problems, how is he doing etc etc. she was impressed he knew all the colours and also thought he was showing good empathy skills (he found a teddy and cuddled it, offering it his pacifier!), and in short, that he seems perfectly ok. while she didnt exactly declare him a genius on record, this biased mom thought it obvious she found joakim the bestest little boy to set foot in her office - ever ;-)

karine in oslo

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