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Hi moms!

"Mom" wrote:
I'm really interested to read what others on the list really want for their children. I think it's healthy to have goals in mind (understanding, of course, that your child is an individual who may or may not want to be apart of your goals).

("Moms" list snipped for brevity)

WOW, this has set me thinking! i *think* i want (meaning, i am sure there are other things i can think of), and in no order of preference, for joakim to be...

... happy in all senses of the word (with himself and the world, to feel the world is a good place and that he is a good person who deserves a place in it) ... secure (both mentally as in sure of himself, his worth and abilities and physically - as in never having to worry about choosing between paying the bills or eating, for instance)
...inquisitive and curious and questioning: not taking things for granted, wanting to find out things by himself (and hopefully we will have given him the know-how tools to do so)
... emphatic, being able to put himself in other peoples shoes (although at the two year stage this is a long way off! *g*), symphatize and understand while not making excuses or judging
... respectful of others - and also of himself, ie, being assertive without being aggressive
... responsible for his actions and their consequences, doing the "right thing", morally
... have pride in himself and his work whatever he chooses to do ... able to meet, trust and love other people (though some little not-very-noble corner of my souls even now, at age two, dreads the day he will find Another Woman - or Man - to be his number one ;-)

"Mom" also wrote in her list:
love of books, love of animals, love of nature and a desire to take care of the earth (by recycling, or whatever)

to which i wholeheartedly agree.

on a related, yet different note: one thing i really dread is the day joakim finds out that the world has cruelty in it (apart from kindergarten shufflings and fights). i *know* he will be hurt and that i will be powerless to stop it or help him. i *know* he will suffer - and has to, if he is to have a life - but it still brings me almost to tears just to think of it.

karine in oslo, caught in a soft moment ;-)

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