Hi moms!

Mymymy but we have seen action here over the weekend:

- Another tooth came through Friday (just barely, grand total now being 2 and a half teeth!).

- Saturday morning saw Joakim the wunderkindchen STANDING UP IN BED! By himself! (grabbing onto the rails but still) Totally unable to sit down again! *grin* He has been prefecting the standing up since then and can now stand holding on to anything that stays still (needless to say I am on the move, hee hee). As he went to bed tonight I was in and out rescuing him (laying him back down) umpteen times. Considered "tyeing" him to the bed (w/ the pram safety harness) but then he finally slept.

- Which brings me to the really wonderous tiding: two nights in a row (and I am counting) he has skipped his midnight meal and slept from 8 at night til 7 next morning, Oh glory! What luck, I havnt slept this long in ages. (since Dec 3rd to be exact)

- And on Sunday he actually slept till 0830 which was a blessing as the whole family had been out partying on Saturday (and no I did *not* overdo the red wine this time, *huge grin*). We went to a couple of friends annual late summer party. It was out doors so Joakim slept in the pram. He woke up and asked for food round half past eleven but was way too fascinated by the goings-on to eat anything. Ha sat on my arm watching the paper lamps (strung between the trees) and even did a dance with me. Not a squeak out of him, just bigbig round eyes and shy smiles to the other guests. We will make a party animal of him yet!

- Today he did his longest sightseeing trip ever by himself: crawled (well "slithered", really) from living room thru hallway to the bathroom and ended up examining the shower drain. Its a 30 foot crawl at least and he never looked back....hm.....come to think of it maybe thats not really good news, eh? *wink*

I am so proud of the little wunderkindchen - my Renaissance Baby! :):):)

Karine in Oslo

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