Hi moms!

magnus took joakim for his 15 month checkup today (almost a month late, but who is counting?). joakim is fit and healthy and now weighs 11,3 kgs (just above 25 pounds) and is 80 cms (31 and a half inch) long.

he has thusly dropped from the 80ieth to the 50ieth percentile for weight, probably because he has been sick. over easter, he caught the rs virus and then he got bronchiolitis and hardly ate anything for a week. luckily he didnt get ill enough to warrant hospitalization but the fever and coughing had us very worried.

but now he is well again :) so well he got two shots - the mmr vaccine (in the end we decided to give him both ms and the r shot) and a polio shot. he took it like a man, yelled and cussed and cried and was none to happy!

he still doesnt talk a whole lot (his words now are "mamma" - mom, "Æsj" - yecch, this when changing diapers!, "nei" - no) but has started making animal sounds! yeay! after weeks and weeks of mindless repetition on my part (the cow goes MOOOOOO, the sheep goes BAAAAA etc etc etc) he started doing it too!

i think he concentrates on his motor skills rather than the verbal ones ;-) he has great fun playing soccer (at least then he hits the ball!) and races around in the park with his ball. i get a huge "pride kick" out of watching people watching *him*! and he is getting to be quite a climber, too. he climbs the steps up to the slide and goes down all by himself. he is getting the hang of the "climbing cube" (imagine a cube frame built with two by fours and there are beams inside the cube for climbing, too). he saw some older kids "bouldering" on a climbing wall and tried imitating them at once. and today, i bought him his first real lego (the duplo kind, not ordinary ones) and he went completely nuts, yelled and danced and proceeded to use a toy sheep to play "soccer" with them scattering plastic all over the floor.

he also likes reading books with me. he picks out books from the bookshelves and brings them to me. our books, i should say. yesterday he gave me a book called "feminist parenting" and sat on my lap as i read and talked to him. he probably got bored - it wasnt illustrated - so he found a new book, with illustrations: 50 years of honda motorcycles! so now i read to him about different engines ;-)

this age is just so much fun!

karine in oslo

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