Hi moms!

*smile* Buckle in for another of my sporadic "email bursts"!

Joakim had his belated 1 yr checkup last week. He now measures 80 cms (31,5 inches) and weighed 11,7 kilos - 26 pounds, more or less. So he is getting to be a BIIIG boy, he was well above average for both size and weight - kinda like his dad, hee hee.

No shots and they didnt bother testing his motor skills - they merely watched him climb the furniture and open the drawers in the nurses office and decided he was perfect ;-)

He is growing up sooo fast! Everyday he learns new things and amazes me always. He now understands quite a lot of things, along the lines of "where is ......? Can you get me .....?" and is talking more and more although I still havent gotten a "proper" word out of him - well, almost - he has started going "neeeeei" - NO - for things he doesnt want to do, ack ack. But his babble is soudning so much like language, his inflection is a perfect Norwegian singsong and he is so funny when he talks.

Today I tought him to use the harmonica (?? the small instrument that you blow into and is used in blues a lot) and he got such a kick out of blowing into it and making noises! Hm. I might regret having taught him that one ;-) Otherwise he is just now very much into playing with his car (a yellow VW beetle Magnus brought back from the US) and his motorbikes (again, Magnus playthings originally - they are miniatures of his old bike). The feminist in me worries a little bit, hopes it is his personality and not his gender and is thankful to see him go to sleep clutching all his stuffed toys at once.

He eats everything we eat - except the really hot stuff, then I take out his portion before adding the chilli. He tends to get real pissed if I dont give him a "real" plate (no more baby bowls, mom) and greatly enjoys snatching food from my plate. Yesterday he amused himself for close to 10 minutes chasing strands of spaghetti!

So, in short, he is sweet, wonderful, funny, loving (disclaimer: when he has an off day and is none of the aforementioned, he is just "Magnus kid" - I mean, *my* baby doesnt throwe tantrums!) and as I am sure I have said before, I never thought it sould be som much *fun* to be a mom!

Karine in Oslo

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