Hi moms!

Just an intense and meaningful WHINE. Ack, ack, ack, the subject says the most but I need to vent about the details to someone ;-)

Joakim woke up sick as a dog Friday morning, puked all over the changing table, all over me (oh great, I had dressed up to go do some temp work and needed to look good) so stayed home from kindergarten with Magnus. When I got home Joakim had been sick regularly throughout the day.

The whole house reeked of regurgitation and there were hardly any clean towels left (Magnus had started mopping up with teeshirts). Joakim had thrown up *everywhere* - including our wool-covered sofa. The kind where you cant take the covers off to clean them. You might wonder why parents with small kids choose to have such an eminently unpractical sofa...? Well, so do we... ;-)

The scary part was coming home to a little zombie. He didnt want to eat, I had to force water into him and he just sat on my lap looking miserable and staring into space. Totally unlike his usual noisy self! At least he didnt puke anymore but got diarrhea instead. I had to run out to get more diapers *and* zink ointment as his butt got sore in the process. At least he slept well!

Saturday morning comes, Joakim looks brighter and better and even eats some. Magnus however gets the same bug and starts throwing up all over the bathroom (thank god his aim is better when he pukes than when he pees, hee hee). I spent the day making apple juice and apple sauce and toast etc etc for the sickos.

Sunday comes - Joakim is totally over it (or so I thought) but now Magnus gets the runs and occupies the bathroom for aaages. If our next door neighbour had been home I would have used hers but end up going in the kitchen sink (it was an emergency). Joakim eats well (and shits accordingly, I might add - one more total change of clothes plus a shower) all day but I have to forcefeed Magnus. Both of them asleep and an exhausted me want to play with the tv remote and what do I hear...? BLLLLEEEEECH from the bedroom. AGAIN. Oh joy - Joakim is on round two. With one wellaimed upchuck he has wet his bed, his mattress, his favourite toy kangaroo *and* half our bed. I tear everything off, wash the floor and bed, put on new bedclothes and cover every surface within 3 metres of Joakims bed with yet more teeshirts. The kangaroo, pillow, bedclothes ETC ETC are in the laundry and I just hope they can be machine washed.

I also hope they are better tomorrow because I dont think *I* can cope with more days of two sick guys around the house.

Karine in Oslo - sick of the *smell*

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