Hi moms!

Thought I would share some of my tips for lazy housewives, hee hee..... or; How To Involve Baby In Daily Tasks...

1) dress baby in velvet jumpsuit, put on floor for crawling. In no time baby will collect amazing numbers of dustbunnies. Peel off suit and drop in washing machine. This method can probably be improved by tyeing baby on some kind of string system to make sure he crawls into those hard-to-reach corners.

2) Let baby push the hoover around (harness the mouthpiece to baby for better effect). Baby pulls up and pushes the thing around all by himself.

3) no longer need to wash uncarpeted floors! Put out a couple of pots and pans with water in them (place on towel), give baby some largish spoons and voila, wet floor instantly. Baby will then crawl around dragging towel through water ensuring a surprisingly thorough floor cleaning.

Some of the above I have actually committed :-0

embarrassed yet creative in Oslo, Karine

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