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wow, no frequent poster bonus points for me lately, eh? to make up for it, here is a somewhat lengthy post on joakim the wunderkindchen!

i dont know how tall he is - but the 86-92 (24 months) clothes fit him perfectly. i dont know his weight either, probably about 15 kilos (33-34 pounds). he sure is getting heavier. i weighed myself the other day and much to my surprise i weigh 8 kilos *less* than before getting pregnant! i blame this wholly on joakim, having to haul him and the groceries up the stairs to our 4th floor apt every day.

he is currently having a language explosion!! he talks so much and learns new words every day. not all of them are understood by people other than me and magnus though ;-) he also tends to jumble his letters / syllables somewhat, so "flue" (fly - insect) comes out as "fule" and so on. most of his words are those that relate to his everyday life (mom, dad, slide, swing, bicycle, ball, car, shoe, bus etc) and some are a bit stranger - wristwatch, fly/insect, football (said about any jogger or person in sports clothing) and some are clearly op-ed pieces - NOOOO, ouch, yecch. only one two word sentence so far - "duckie gone" (he sat on it in the tub). he is very empathetic (emphatic?) and worriedly says "ouch, ayayay" to other crying children and pats them on the head!

he is doing wonderfully in daycare. he really flowered over the summer holiday and he never ever makes a fuss when i leave him in the morning - more often i have to chase him around to get my goodbye hug. he has a new special friend, a girl named martine (eeene! says joakim) and he asks for her first thingn in the morning. the two are much alike - loudmouthed bully-types who run around and yell a lot!

he is getting a sense of humour, and likes to play jokes on us. sometimes, he sits by himself doing some toddler things and suddenly i hear "heh heh heh", and there he is, playing jokes on himself!

he ususally goes to bed at about 1900-1930, after the evening "ritual" of kiddie tv (more on that), cereal and bath. he enjoys going to bed with his stuffed toys and normally sleeps straight for 12 hours, oh joy :)

he has cereal for breakfast and evening meal and takes sandwiches to daycare. for months he wouldnt eat anything but cream cheese on his bread, now he also eats "tartex" (vegetarian pate) and liver pate (which i find disgusting but hey, he loves it). we are still having troubles getting him to eat "proper" dinners though, many times we give in and give him ready made toddler food from a jar to avoid controversy. he will eat miniscule pieces of chicken, some rice grains or spaghetti strands and a pea or three but thats about it. oh, and he loves french fries with ketchup but i dont want him to eat to many of those. he eats very well with a spoon, tries valiantly to use the fork but not very successfully yet. he usually drinks from a glass ( a glass glass) or a cup, never uses a sippy cup anymore. we have spills but he is generally very good at it.

he is very well developed physically /motorically. he still is a soccer maniac and is getting very good. he can also throw the ball but with no accuracy whatsoever ;-) he also likes to run, climb and jump. he can jump without holding on to anything but then not with both feet together. if he holds on to something he can do the twofooted jump for quite a while (THUMPTHUMPTHUMP etc).

we dont have a whole lot of toys for him (we are probably quite "cheap" that way, magnus and i). the ones he uses most are his cars/motorbikes and his balls. he has only recently figured out how to pedal the trike so the trike will now be promoted to "outdoor toy", to be taken to the park for serious racing :) he has three stuffed animals, a teddy, a kangaroo and a lion, that he is very fond of. they all have to go to bed with him or all hell breaks loose. our car seat sits in the hallway (since we dont have a car) and the teddy is put there each morning, to wait for him when he gets home in the afternoon. touching scenes of joyous reunion occur when he finds it there! he also likes being read to - our little bibliophile ;-) i got him a UN picture book of children all over the world, with pictures of the kids, their toys, pets, food etc and he can look at that for ages.

as for tv, he watches kiddie tv every day. note: until 10 years ago, norway only had one tv channel (the governement one, kind of like pbs or bbc) and the half hour daily kiddie programme is an INSTITUTION. mostly there are short animation features (he greatly enjoys postman pat and fireman sam) but also a norwegian sesame street, which he likes. he also likes watching nature shows (with animals) and cookery programmes! on weekdays (and not every day) he gets the half hour kiddie programme, on weekends we watch the morning news / cartoons together.

he throws the occasional tantrum, mostly when we misunderstand him (one time when i wouldnt buy him icecream in the shop). at those times he is a royal pain in the ass but apart from that he is a joy to be with. his personality is showing more and more! he is quite sturdy and robust, doesnt whine a lot (he yells though if angry) and hardly complains when he falls or hits himself. he laughs a lot and is very noisy for such a small kid! plus he is very "physical" and likes to horse around in bed with magnus and me, tickling, patting, climbing our legs and so on.

he also wants to help out at home and has his regular "chores". these include throwing used diapers in the garbage, blowing on my coffee in the morning so its not too hot, closing the door when we go out and putting milk in the fridge after shopping. (i hope to train him to do the dishes soon, *grin*)

sorry this was so long! congrats to those still reading :)

love, karine in oslo, basically doing very well

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