Hi moms!

*smile* Another "whatsnewinNorway" post here....

Joakim had his 8 month checkup yesterday. He now is 70,5 cms long (almost 28 inches) and weighs 9,78 kilos (21 pounds something) and, of course, picture perfect! He had his 2nd polio shot and just sat there and stared in utter disbelief at the nurse who "shot" him (he howled plenty when we got home though) and didnt make a noise.

The nurse (nurse Ratcheds baby sister! argh) asked how he was doing etc etc and I said he didnt do much crawling per se yet, but plenty of "slithering" and other non-crawling forward motion techniques. She then said "oh but he is only 8 months old, it is too soon for him to crawl yet" (this is interesting, her standards for baby development seems to be on another time scale than the US one). Babelet playing on the floor while she pontificates but then the wunderkindchen goes into a picture perfect crawl and comes up to me and pulls up on the chair! Give it to the babe he *does* have timing (he rolled over for the first time in her office as well).... :)

Since he was so good I decided to give him a special treat: (he LOVES this one at the moment) took him to the park and raced the pram at full speed through the herd (herd? flock?) of pigeons. Flutterflutter pigeons everywhere and Joakim extatic to the point of incoherence. Good thing it takes so little to please them!

Karine pigeon terrorizer in Oslo

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