Hi moms!

well it is pretty official - babyhood is over!

we celebrated joakims two year birthday the 26th. not a party at all, just mom, dad, joakim and a birthday cake. the cake was a flop (i had made a layered cream cake and he thought it was a chocolate cake - biig disappointment! but he liked blowing out the candles. and the gifts, of course! *hehe*

his stats are (approximately, measured at home and weighed at a friends house): 87 cms = 34,25 inches 15,4 kgs = 34,2 pounds

no idea as to the percentiles but he looks big enough ;-)

and he is my little wunderkindchen still - near-perfect in enough ways to make me live with the bratty ones!

he is learning things at an absolutely amazing rate. he likes to hang out with us and do things around the house (now if only that would last! *smile*). today, he helped cook dinner (stir spaghetti sauce) and polish magnus shoes. he even picked up some toys before going to bed.

the coolest part is his talking. his vocabulary and grammar is exploding! we were playing today, with his cars and motorbikes (the collection got a boost over christmas!) when he said to me "no, no, no. mom cannot borrow my steering wheel car" (his coolest car) and gave me another one to play with. the funny thing is how he says "no, no, no" - with MY intonation!! eeek.

on christmas we were at the in-laws during the day and FIL drove us home just as it got dark. joakim sat looking out the car window, saw a huge luminous object, and asked what it was. "moon", said i, and he went "oh, look, there is the moon" all the way home and has been talking about the moon for days now. on the way home from daycare this afternoon we saw the moon again and it was bigger, so now he talks about BIG moons!

karine in oslo, mom to joakim the "lunatic" wunderkindchen

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