OK, having come this far I can only assume you know my "technical", background data and that you are here for something more personal ..... ;-)

So, umm, yeah, well, here I am, your average Norwegian - that is, blonde and blue-eyed. I am quite tall and fairly slim (although bigger, heavier and in general "zaftiger" than I was before giving birth). Wrinkled and cellulite-ed and nearsighted in age-appropriate proportions.

What else? Ai, ai, ai, this *is* difficult.

Randomly sorted and in no order of neither preference, chronology nor importance:

I practice my assertiveness skills on telephone salespeople.
I smoke and I drink way too much coffee.
I like to make really bad puns and jokes.
I prefer spicy to sweet when it comes to food.
I am a partner, mother, sister, friend and orphan.
I used to be a daugher, too.
I love to read and always have several books laying around the house in various stages of reading.
I have found the internet to be a welcome addition to and extention of my social life.
I quite like single malt whisky.
I prefer seafood to poultry, and poultry to red meat.
I know quite a lot of totally useless trivia.
I am not a very good letter-writer.
Most of the time I am fairly nice but I have my bitchy days.
I am proud to call myself a feminist.
But I still don`t mind doing the dishes.
I'm not too fond of hoovering though.
I listen to the local Golden Oldies FM station when driving.
I don't suffer fools gladly and can be pretty impatient.
I only wax my legs every three months or so.
I quite often have problems opening child-proofed containers.
One of my favourite authors is Scot Iain Banks, both with and without the M.
I enjoy action movies.
And Kaurismaki movies.
And Almodovar movies.