Mom Splurges - Buys Motorbike

Well, yeah, the title says it all. In November 1999 I upgraded the mortgage and bought myself a motorbike! And whattabike. My Wunderbike is an 87 Honda VFR750F, silvery blue. It's a bit scruffed and wrinkly (rather like me) but for an old bike with a fair mileage on it, it's a good one. And of course, it's mine, which is the main thing! This is the first page I wrote about it, a "Wheee"!-page just to celebrate the fact.


My motorbiking history is short:

1981: Got an old Vespa Bravo moped and scooted around while dreaming of bigger things. Bought motorbike magazines and read when my mom wasn't looking.
1983: Got a car driver's license and bought an old VW beetle (which had to be put down three years later).
1990: When studying in Bergen, I started taking motorbike lessons. I remember being slightly weirded out by the theory class - I was the only person over 18 and also the only woman. Not to mention the only one to ask any questions (the guys just rolled their eyes every time I opened my mouth).
Moved back to Oslo in the middle of winter - when the snow had gone, so had my grant and the riding dreams were put on hold for a while.
1995: Met Magnus! Not only is he a wonderful man, a great punster and a terrific dad, he's also a biker. Started taking riding lessons again but eventually got too pregnant to reach the pointy end of the bike.
1997: Back in the saddle, new round of lessons. Ran afoul of teacher and lost my confidence completely. Considered taking car lessons or seeing a shrink. I felt totally unroadworthy.
August 1999: Decided to get my act together! And lo and behold: The coveted license was mine at last!
November 1999: Bought myself a VFR for Christmas!


I had a wonderful time in the summer of 2000, tootling around on the back roads and getting to know the bike and myself. I didn't ride very many miles but I enjoyed every one of them.

At the time of writing, it's June, 2001, the bike is out of hibernation and I go riding again. (At least that's te excuse I have for not updating my pages too frequently these days!)

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