Hokksund - Arendal Round Trip

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Arendal Round Trip Map

Submitted by: Bjørn Tollaas

Location: Østlandet

Suggested ride(s): Brandbu - Hokksund - Larvik - Stathelle - Valle - Kragerø - Risør - Tvedestrand - Arendal - Åmli - Vrådal - Seljord and home. The coastal road outside the E18.

We did this trip the weekend the Trebåtfestival was held in Risør, a great combination. This is a ride for those interested in bikes and boats!

From Hokksund, take the Rv 35 along lake Eikeren. Near Hof you take the Rv 312 towards Andebu, but remember to turn west on the Rv 306 towards Hvarnes! When you meet a huge, orange sign warning you that Rv 306 is narrow, has lots of turns and steep hills, the delights of inner Vestfold dawn on you! The road is awesome and almost car-free.

From Hvarnes you can take Rv 32 towards Skien/Porsgrunn or Rv 304 to Larvik. We took the latter as we wanted to follow the coastal road. We had a nice detour to Stavern, Nevlunghavn and so on before crossing Frierfjorden on the E18, a short transport leg.

Remember to turn off the E18 about 8 kms after the Brevik bridge, follow the signs to the right to Valle - the road passes under the E18 about 100 metres further down the hill. The stretch to Valle is good, but sees a fair amount of traffic. Keep going past Valle and follow the signs to Fossing and then Kragerø. Supreme, winding, fairly narrow roads with little traffic.

From Kragerø, take the ferry to Stabbestad and enjoy the outer road with a small detour to Portør and then south to Søndeled along Rv 351.

From Søndeled you have to follow the E18 a short bit before turning off for Risør and the Trebåtfestival.

From Risør we took the Rv 416, Rv 411 and then Rv 410 to Arendal.

In August, these roads saw very little traffic and the mix of turns, idyllic scenery, salty sea smell and excitement was beautiful.

We had a great ride going through Åmli (Rv 42), along lake Nisservannet to Vrådal (Rv 41) and home by way of Seljord-Notodden-et cetera. It is incredibly beautiful along lake Nisservann in the wonderful weather we had.

Bjørn Tollaas

Karines note: I took the liberty of translating Bjørns Norwegian into English. Hence, he takes credit for the content, I take the blame for all typos et cetera. I also added a couple of links, again purely on my own initiative. While drawing the map, I also excluded, more or less randomly, a NUMBER of small lakes and minor roads.

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