Fetsund, Bjørkelangen, Mysen, Enebakk

Rating: 2
Rating: 3 (Road #170 between Bjørkelangen and road #21)

Map of Fetsund, Bjørkelangen, Mysen,
Enebakk Area

Submitted by: JMT

Location: 20km east of Oslo (Fetsund)

Suggested ride(s):

These roads are a great alternative to the E6 or E18 if you are going south from Oslo or coming from the south/south-east towards Oslo.

If you are in the Oslo-area and looking for a great (3-5 hour with stops) motorcycletrip I can recommend this route:

Go north on the E6 and get on road #22 following the sign to Lillestrøm. Stay on road #22 until you get to the river Glomma, cross the bridge and take the first exit to the left, you should be on road #172 now. There are some 50km/h zones here, but the turns at the beginning of this road are great.

Follow #172 until you get to Sørumsand and take a right following road #171. Now you can open it up wide! Keep going until you get to road #170, there is a restaurant/cafeteria at the other side of road #170 at the left side with decent food. Now for the first transport leg, do not worry, it is not long: follow road #170 to Bjørkelangen. It can be very tempting to test the bikes top speed along this road, but be warned; speedtraps are common here according to some local heroes I have talked to.

When at Bjørkelangen it is worthwile to go for a small detour continuing on road #170 up into the forest. Take a left following the sign to Sentrum. Ahh! Some very nice twisties here, the asphalt is smooth as a baby´s ass as well. After a while the road deteriorates though, I do not think it is worthwile to go on onto road #21, there are much better roads further to the west.

Therefore: go back to Bjørkelangen and take a left following road #115 south; not really a lot of sharp turns here, but you get that rollercoaster feeling if you go fast here :)

Continue until you get to Løken and take a right following road #169 until you get to a small place called Fjellsrud, take a left here. Open it up again, this road gets more fun the faster you go. When you get to Skjønhaug you can either take road #115 to Askim (some pitted asphalt here), or stay on #22 until you get to Mysen. Have you found the top speed of your bike yet?

Here regrettedly comes our second transport leg; E18 from Mysen/Askim to a small place called Elvestad. Elvestad is nothing more than a gas-station and two or three shops.

Now the fun begins again, at Elvestad you can either go south along road #120 if you want to go to Moss or take a right and follow #120 northbound as I like to do. Yeeehaaa! Excellent stuff after the boring E18. When you get to Enebakk do not follow road #120 towards Lillestrøm, but take a left at the intersection. Soon you will be at a roundabout, if you want to go directly to Oslo take a right here (road #155).

If you would like some more great roads go right through the roundabout following road #154 to Ski. This is one of my all-time favourite roads, it just keeps getting better the more you ride it. New smooth asphalt was added this summer, a bit slippery at first, but next year (1998) it will be excellent! Take a left (towards Sentrum) at the first roundabout when you get to Ski and take a right at the second tiny one. When you get to E18 you can go north towards Oslo, get on to the "Gamle Mossevei" and have a stop at Tyrigrava Kro (Wednesday night biker place) while you are in the area. If you want more still you can keep on going west towards Nesodden, either way check out the Nesodden/Tyrigrava map which you will find here

Have a nice ride!


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