Brandbu-Sogndal Round Trip

Rating: 3

Submitted by: Bjørn Tollaas

Location: Øst- og Vestlandet

Suggested ride(s): Brandbu - Fagernes - Gol - Hol - Aurdal - Lærdal - Sogndal - Sognefjellet - Lom - Valdresflya - Fagernes - Hønefoss - home.

I live in Brandbu, Hadeland and I take a two-day trip with some friends every year in the beginning of August. We start Friday afternoon and get back home Sunday afternoon. We stay in cabins (our own, or borrowed), youth hostels or hotels, depending on wallet size and company. I am in my early forties, have ridden a bike a little more than ten years, have had my own bike (Honda Trans Alp, 600) for the last 4 years. I have been a moped teacher for over ten years and look for roads with lots of turns and nature experiences that will give a feeling of speed without breaking too many speed limits. When I, at the Trebåtfestivalen in Risør, meet bikers who took the round trip from Oslo on the E18 , I realize that tastes differ and that they miss out on a lot. I can strongly recommend the Trans-Alp for this kind of riding. I get to enjoy nature and the bike handles very well in quick turns. It is more than fast enough for most people even if 50 HP doesnt exactly kick ass coming out of a turn.

Starting from the Oslo area:
If you are going to Hadeland you can take the Rv 4, but an exciting alternative is the Rv 120 from the Strømmen area, by way of Nannestad to Maura, where you turn left for Lunner. Maura - Lunner (Roa) is very good. I often take a little round trip from Hadeland: Brandbu - Roa - Maura - Hurdal - Lygna - Brandbu. Karine says: The above is not included in this map, as I wanted to keep it as small as possible. See the Minnesund map for more on this area. You can also look at the Sandvika - Gol - Fagernes round trip map.

From Roa you take either the east or the west side of lake Randsfjorden to Dokka. The east side gives an added trip to Jevnaker (Rv 35) and then Rv 245. It is a bit longer than Rv 4 to Brandbu and then Rv 34 to Dokka. Keep along over Tonsåsen (Rv 33) till you reach Leira, just before Fagernes and then get on to Rv 51 towards Gol. Make sure not to have any cars ahead of you on the upslopes! These turns are like dancing, it is my favourite curves. Across the mountain the driving is good too, but the last 2-3 kms before diving down towards Gol poses the greatest challenge as far as fast turns are concerned. Scraping the foot-pegs on my Honda Transs-Alp gives me yet another kick.

The E7 from Gol to Hol is a pure transport leg. A fitting detour is to Hove Fjellgard in Ål (It is still open there, isnt it?).

From Hol, take E50 across to Aurland, a true nature experience. From Aurland you cross the mountains again to Lærdal - hairpin bends going up and a panoramic view as you climb! Another good mountain pass.

The E16 from Lærdal back to Fagernes is a good option if you are short on time. It is also a very good ride I have taken 3-4 times.

On our ride, we caught the ferry from Lærdal across to Sogndal. From there we drove on across the Sognefjellet mountain to Lom, Randsverk, Valdresflya.

This trip gave us a total of 5 mountain passes. Some of the climbs/descends are steep enough and have enough hairpins that the average speed is not very high. You shouldnt drive more than about 400 kms per day if you want to have time for breaks and sociable chat about your road experiences.

Bjørn Tollaas

Note from Karine: I have translated Bjørns original Norwegian into English. He gets credited for the content and I get blamed for the errors, grammatical and otherwise.

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