Brumunddal - Lillehammer

Submitted by: Robert Mæhlum

Location: Brumunddal-Lillehammer.

Suggested ride:

This route is an alternative to E6 between Brumunddal and Lillehammer. The best part is between Moelv and Lillehammer.

Right after you exit the E6 towards Brumunddal you take a right (Nes/Brumunddal N) then right (Brumunddal) and left (Økelsrud RV 212). You're now on the road you will follow to Moelv. With high speed you will have some smooth curves and a few slopes. Some minutes later you hopefully will cross the E6, if you feel for more straight roads you know what to do (dickhead!). In the S-bend before crossing the E6 you will encounter the first 60 km-zone, lasting till the 90 degree turn after the crossing. Full throttle and the rest of the road to Moelv feels good, be aware of the bumps in the the right curve after driving up the slope and the right-left-turn. These bumps can be a little scary if the speed is high enough. After a pair of really good curves before the Ringsaker church you are in Moelv (do not make a wheelie through here, as people will take you for a local). You will pass Soug camping by the bumpy bend, past the church there is another (small) 60 km-zone. By the first turn after the gas station starts another 60-zone, turning into a 50-zone in the center of Moelv, ending at the last gas station. When you've passed Moelv it's full throttle again. After a long slope the next part is wonderful, with many sharp curves. Hope for no cars because there aren't many straight stretches and the few there are make little room for overtakings. If the speed is high enough in the last curve (out from the woods) it's great. Then it's a slow part through Lillehammer and out to the boring E6 again, or a quick turn and back again....

Robert Mæhlum

RV 216 is good as well, Sjur Hemma writes this about the area:

This is not really a suggestion for a tour, just a reminder that the good rides more often than not are to be found on the back roads. A perfect example of this can be found on my daily route to work, this explaining of course why i never touch my car all summer.

On your way northward on the E6, turn off in Moelv, and onto road number 216, direction Lillehammer, i.e. still northwards. This road may make the distance to Lillehammer a bit longer, but that`s because of all the turns. By this time (the fall of -98) the road surface between Moelv and Brøttum (Approx. half the distance) is in a rather disreputable condition, so take care! But from there on it`s pure heaven, with fresh tarmac all the way. Be aware that some of the turns are progressive and blind at the same time, which makes for some scary situations if you try to race somebody there without knowing the road intimately. Bear also in mind that this is a typical farming aerea. Keep the following picture in your mind: You are coming round a blind turn rather fast, only to realize that all of a sudden you have caught up with Joe Farmer who is pushing his tractor to its 25 km/h. limit...

Enough about safety. On the other hand: This doesn`t seem to be a particularily popular hangout for the boys in blue, although extra care ought to be taken in the 60 km/h. limit stretches near Moelv and Lillehammer.

Oh and if you see something red and white screaming past you around 0730 in the morning going northwards, it`s probably just me and Mr. FZR on my way to the daily grind.

Sjur Hemma

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